In need of some good luck....

  1. I find out this week if i got accepted into the nursing program! Ah! I'm so nervous.. everytime a letter comes from the college I have applied to my parents call me and make me come home and open it. Any prayers or good luck wishes would be appreciated! Thanks!

    Kayla (hopefully a Nursing Student)
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  3. by   atownsendrn
    Good luck !!!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know what happens
  4. by   KaylaRN2005
    Thanks for the reply! I'll be sure to keep y'all updated!
  5. by   lisamct
    Good luck!
    Im sending you positive vibes...give them a minute to get there though theyre coming a long way!
  6. by   Jen2
    Got my fingers crossed for you! Good luck! I know that feeling.
  7. by   rebel_red
    Good luck! Crossing fingers, toes and eyes!

  8. by   Mkue
    Good Luck, hope you hear something soon
  9. by   KaylaRN2005
    Well... I got the news... I'm put on the waiting list. I have to wait to see if anything opens up for the spring semester. If it doesn't, I think instead of a 3-year ADN I'm going to go for the BSN.... just 1 year longer. What do you all think?
  10. by   KaylaRN2005
    Oh, and by the way.. Thank you all for your replies and well-wishes!
  11. by   Gator,SN
    I think that if it is going to take 4 years to finish a 3year AD degree because of a waiting list, then you should just go for it!
    Good luck!
  12. by   KaylaRN2005
    I think i misrepresented that in my post.. it is supposed to be a 2 year, ADN.. but because of the waiting list it would be 3... so, I could either do a 3 year ADN or go for 4 years and get my BSN.
  13. by   altomga
    Go ahead and go for the BSN...Wish I could've went for the BSN to start with (couldn't at the time..wanted to be a mommy to my kids still
    Now I am finishing pre-req courses for the BSN yourself the agony of "going back to college"
    Anyway you go..GOOD LUCK
  14. by   Tweety
    Take related courses now and get them out of the way. Or are you done with all of those. Hold on to your goals and dreams.

    Best wishes.