Important Message For All Nurses!

  1. Make sure you file your tax returns somewhere that you can find them; don't just toss them somewhere in a pile like I did. I don't know how many states do this, but mine (Missouri) suspended my nursing license over 3 years ago because they said I did not file 7 years ago. I did file, I had an accountant. But I could not find the return, and the accountant went out of business. After 3 years of fighting with the IRS and State Board of Nursing, we found that the problem was that the accountant mailed in only the federal, not the state. So I had to go back and get all of the W2's for that year and file again. I am now waiting for them to issue me a letter of compliance that I can send to the state board of nursing so I can get my license back. My state passed a house bill that says anyone with a professional license can have it suspended for not filing taxes IN THE PAST! So take my advice, file your taxes and then keep them where you can find them. Don't be like me. I lost my job, my health insurance for my entire family, my apartment, my car. I am on food stamps and medicaid. I cannot even get a job that I can walk to at the gas station down the street because they say I am "overqualified". Your damn right I'm overqualified - I used to make $18 an hour. I think my fight is almost over and my life should be back to normal soon. But take my advice so this doesn't happen to any of you.
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    Whoaaa, can I relate!!! I lost mine for giving Mylanta in lieu of Maalox at 4am in the BURN ICU LOL. Wrote the order but Dr. didnt get to see it and the tab to identify it as a "verbal or t.o order" had disappeared. I have posted this before.....Most nurses have no idea of how vulnerable thier licensure is. It cost me $500.00 civil penalty, bunch of CEU's (100 extra), 4 months suspension and 2 years probation!! Oh dont mention the counseling to get it back (oh, out of your pocket). Even though it was Mylanta according to the state Nurse practice act it's "misappropriation of medication".It's considered no different then if you had diverted morphine and it would be the same charge. Who says it has to be narcotics to get this charge LOL. It was a grudge by another nurse that resulted in the entire incident. Get liability insurance!! Removing your license over taxes until you have had a chance to speak is ridiculous. I know what I went through with no income suddenly and it was hell. I also lost my home, car, health care etc. Had to send my oldest son at 10 y/o to live with his father and kept my youngest with me and move out of state. I was so ******* angry at the system I chose to not even apply for reinstatement till 4 years later much less 4 months. I was pissed off. How many of us in Critical care areas know what not to call a particular doctor about at 4am and you know what he will say as he's said it to you a hundred times before........."write it and I'll sign it" when it comes to very simple orders you know what they will say after being screamed at for calling about the same thing when you were brand new lol. I can see states taking action against professional licensure in instances such as Child support as an example, but until they figure out if you screwed up on your taxes? I learned the hard way, always have a name of a good attorney with dealings with the BON and in administrative law when dealing with them. Doesnt matter how simple of an issue you may think it is. Oh, and yes I wake them up now no matter what the heck the question is in relation to orders. Scream at me, I dont give a beep beep lol.
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    as far as the tax returns go, the CPA does them, but gives them to me and I mail them, certified mail, return receipt requested, then you have proof that they were mailed and you have proof that they were received, there is a card that gets signed when the return is received and the card is sent back to you
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    Attacbing my license to child support is a sore subject for me. My hubby and I are still together and we have four kids - one of which is in permanent foster care as she gets violent and beats the %^&( out of me. We were assessed child support to the tune of 17% of our gross income, but told by the judge that we only had to pay half of that amount, but continue paying after foster care was over, until we had payed the entire amount.

    You would have thought we were the biggest deadbeats that ever lived. We paid what the judge told us to pay, got nasty letters from the state on a regular basis and told not to worry about them. Then we got our federal and state income tax refunds intercepted. Then we got a nasty letter saying we weren't eligable for a passport, we could appeal that decsion, but the only question to appeal was whether or not we were in arrears. If your in arrears up to a certain point, no passport, no matter what the judge told you to pay. Then we got another nasty letter that said if we didn't pay up they would put a lein on all of our property, car, house, land, etc...

    Thank God we had a chunk of land that we had been trying to sell, it finally sold and we were able to repay the arrears and because we no longer have the mortgage on the land, can now pay the entire amount each month.

    I can only imagine what would have happened when we applied for financial aide for my son to go to college in a year.

    Please don't attach my license to child support - we got screwed over it even after doing what the judge told us to do.
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    Jeez, that's terrible
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