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The nursing profession previously enjoyed a high level of public confidence and trust. The public's perception of nursing has diminshed over the years. How can we, as nurses, gain that trust back?... Read More

  1. by   jenn234
    O/T - About the Johnson & Johnson commercial:
    There was a URL on the bottom of the screen and I've been meaning to visit the website. Does anyone know it? Thanks.

    (sorry for interrupting. i've just been looking for the URL for a long time and haven't seen the commercial in a while. I hope no one minds.)

    edit: sorry, I put in the mad smiley and i meant to put in the sad one. i'm sorry if my post seemed rude at all... it's just on the other forums I visit it's all reversed. Thanks.
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  2. by   bananarama228
    Actually, we are not bored teenagers or "pot stirrers". We are nursing students and posted on this site as part of an assignment. Also, we did not attempt to make negative remarks about nursing; only attempted to bring up a new conversation to find out what others in the profession thought.
  3. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    The website from J & J to help recruit people into nursing is

    I think many more people trust nurses, as well as doctors and other health professionals--they realize that we're with the patients at all times and really have the best idea of what is going on with the patient. Nurses are consistently rated as one of the most trusted professions in Gallup polls.

    However, there are still many negative stereotypes out there. One group who I feel don't value our contributions are upper level managers/execs. Granted, there are certainly exceptions out there, but by and large, it seems that chief nursing officers, hospital/health system presidents, and chief financial officers don't really know what we do, nor do they care to educate themselves.

    If anyone can give me a great example to refute this, I'm all ears. As I said, I know there are exceptions out there

    Newly minted MSN
  4. by   psychonurse
    It might have been nice if you would tell us that you were nursing students doing a project, we are more than willing to help you through your education but when you just throw those questions out for nothing it makes it seem a little hesitant and wondering if you are just a lurker wanting to get these old nurses het up...
  5. by   obeyacts2
    The stereotype of male nurses as gay always boggles my mind. I look at the guys I go to school with, and if anything they are more macho thatn the general population. We have numerous career changers that include cops firemen a local building contractor, etc. I look around and think "these guys are gonna be great with the combative ETOH pts in the ER someday"

    laura:chuckle :roll :chuckle
  6. by   NsgTiger
    It seems to me that the public's image of nurses has improved over the years. I feel that the vast majority of people view me as a competent professional. Roxie, what makes you feel differently?
  7. by   Tweety
    If you are stimulating a discussion for an assignment. Just say so, why play games?
  8. by   scrubs70
    Having just finished a nursing assignment on this very topic, I am happy to say that while there is always room for improvement, the image of nursing and nurses has undoubtedly improved substantially. In general the public now view nurses as professionals even though there are the exceptions, who are often ill informed. If we consider that Florence Nightingale did not get the true recognition she deserved until after her death, I guess there is still hope for us all.
  9. by   nightingale
    I really do not mind helping our colleagues but do not like to feel like I am doing your homework for you. I am sure you are required to read literature about this topic. What does your literature state so we can have an intelligent conversation.

    In particular, I do not like feeling like I am being deceived. Thank you for telling us but next time you may want to be more open initially. Nurses are a very intelligent population.

    Good luck to you in your studies; let us know how we can help and discuss issues. The search key right (upper button probably contains valuable topic data already for many a topic). I do remember, often, needing to jump start my over taxed brain with "topics for papers". So I do understand. My former study group was a life saver of solving such problems of getting started with papers. We are often happy to help here @ AllNurses as well.
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  10. by   sonshineluvin
    Nursing tends to be seen as the "nice" job, and is sometimes looked over for its professional qualities.
  11. by   ROCnurse
    Man, You guys really showed a positive image of nurses on this thread! It's no wonder nurses, especially nursing students, feel there is such a horrible image of nursing. Look at how you portray yourselves with each other, rude and disrespectful.
  12. by   tonchitoRN
    about half of the male nurses i worked with were gay. who cares. they were as good and better than the straight nurses. there were even a few gay women. again who cares. we all worked hard.
  13. by   bananarama228
    In response to Nightingale1998, you are most definitely not "doing homework" for us. Our assignment was to post a thread to find out what others think. Period. No lit review, no papers, just post. No deceit here. It seems that there were several assumptions that were unnecessary. As a nurse it is important to ask, not assume. It is also much more respectful. Many of us could carry on "intelligent conversations" with you. I am proud to say that we are graduating in May with our BSNs and have worked very hard. This site will be beneficial to us as we continue to learn in our work environments. I have also been an LPN for 3 years and have enjoyed reading similar experiences. Hopefully the posts that I continue to read and respond to will be less rude and a little more considerate.