Im Taking the NET Tomorrow, AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Wow, Ive been waiting for this for about a month now and FINALLY, the moment is almost here. At this moment Im not nervous but as time gets closer I think I will be. I want to do well on this thing because I SO want to be in the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::sigh::

    Give me some good thoughts, wish me luck!
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  3. by   Cherybaby
    Wishing you all the best. Don't forget to come back and update us!

  4. by   TrinaCNA
    Good Luck...I'm taking mine soon too...
  5. by   Nervous1
    Good luck, I was going to take mine on Thursday but since I have not studied much - I decided to wait until the 23rd. I hope you do well, please let us know how it goes! Good luck!!!!!!
  6. by   MurseMikeD
    Don't sweat it. The NET's a joke.
  7. by   Nervous1
    Quote from MurseMikeD
    Don't sweat it. The NET's a joke.
    Been out of high school 10 years now, I just took the practice tests on testprepreview......I'm ashamed of how poorly I did.

    I miss 17 out of 60 on the Math, and 5 out of 29 on the Reading section.

    I want a score of at least 90 on both.....some of the math I do not remember at all! I am going to study, study, study the next few weeks!
  8. by   Batman24
    Do you have the study guide? If you have that and can pass it you will do great. Good luck!!
  9. by   bluechick112
    I'd absolutely have to agree that the NET is a complete joke. It's very, very easy! All I did to study for it was purchase the practice test from the company issuing the test. It was an online practice test for somehwere around $20. I bought that off their website and did it the night before the test and that was IT. The end of studying. It was almost IDENTICAL to the test itself..which was easy to begin with.

    You'll knock it out of the park, don't worry!