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  1. You know, Im not into the LPN program as of yet but Ive always said that I'd be content with LPN and that I wouldnt do the RN thing. Ive heard from a few friends that they thought the same way but once I do become an LPN, that I'll have a change of mind and would want to be an RN...... I guess my question is if any of you felt this way and later decided to go on to RN. If so, why?
  2. I recently took the NET exam, and called the people who are suppose to grade the test to ask for my score. They told me it was against company policy to do that so I was wondering if theres another way to check on my results anywhere???
  3. JustaMSBoi

    What would you have said to this CNA

    ...Hi.. Well, I myself am a CNA but hopefully in a couple wks I will be going to school to be a nurse. (Im just waiting for my NET results)......Anyway, I think you shouldve written her up, thats all it is to it because that CNA did not follow supervisor directions plus the way that she handled herself was not professional at all. I agree when you say we all are there to provide care and to work as a team. She would have been written up on basis of rude behavior and refusal in patient care.
  4. Wow, Ive been waiting for this for about a month now and FINALLY, the moment is almost here. At this moment Im not nervous but as time gets closer I think I will be. I want to do well on this thing because I SO want to be in the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::sigh:: Give me some good thoughts, wish me luck!
  5. .....Well, the school is located in MS. If anyone has taken the program at that school I would like to know what to really expect. Im about to take the NET in a couple of wks and have heard opposite things on wheather the NET is hard.??
  6. Im excited about the idea of being accepted to LPN program but am wondering how soon do clinicals start. Do they start as early as two, three wks into the semester or what??? Thanks