I'm looking for Nursing School Type Practice questions that are harder...

  1. than what you see in standard NCLEX books, but easier than say what you would encounter in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Study Guide. It seems that many nursing school questions are somewhere in-between these question "levels". Does anyone know of "review" books orientated more for school than the NCLEX? Also, there seems to be many websites orientated towards A&P, but few (or none) orientated towards ASN/BSN nursing clinical classes. Are there any good ones out there?
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  3. by   unknown99
    The Mosby's and the Lippincott Nclex review books are great. I know that you wanted something different, but a great number of instructors pull their questions for tests from these books.
  4. by   kyutnurse
    Lippincott's (orange book) is a good review book. Our teachers definitely loves those books. NSNA i heard also have great questions in their books. The questions are hard...critical thinking and stuff....The NCLEX-RN will reformat the board questions starting april 2004? the hot-spot (point at which physiological site) will be there and those fill in the blanks questions...and multiple-multiple answers will be used often.
    I still believe in nursing. God help me. I need to graduate this May 2004.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Roland I am getting to the point where I can't help but question what it is you are up to. ???????? Just being honest as a RN for many many years.
  6. by   Roland
    I am looking for student guides not written to a specific test that offer quetion and answer type formats. I especially like the ones which explain the correct as well as the incorrect answers. It seems to me that that the difficulty levels of most of the NCLEX books are substancailly easier that what is encountered on many nursing school exams. Does that clarify what I am seeking?
  7. by   nekhismom
    It does to me, Roland. Actually, I am studying for NCLEX now, and I am looking for something other than the book I am using. I used the NSNA nclex review during school, and I loved the info outline and the questions they provided to study by. But now, they don't seem so hard, it's like a good portion of the questions are very easy. FOr example, if you even understand the BASIC info about a disease, there are 3 REALLY WRONG options and then the right one. In school, it was always a really wrong choice, a somewhat unbelievable choice, and two possibly correct answers. So, my advice is this. Use the NSNA book in school to study, but use something else when you are studying for NCLEX. I don't know what that "something else" is right now, but if I find it, I'll let you know.
  8. by   Agnus
    I used the NSNA book after reviewing several. Some give ratial that really are not that at all. For example I have seen some list the reason for a correct or incorrect answer like this: "A is wrong", or "B is correct". Yet the same book claimed to list the reason.

    I know from previous post you are very concerned about grades and the real grade that counts is the NCLEX. Despite GPAs and all that the NCLEX is the ONLY thing that counts.

    GPAs are important but I believe (and in my experience) do not carry the degree or importance for graduate school that you put on them.

    To the poster who said NSNA book was hard and is seeming easier now. It is because you know have the material down. YOU have learned it. Don't bother looking for "something else to study for boards" I used the NSNA book in school and took the boards 3 days after graduation.

    Studying for boards is for the birds (Unless you have an identified weak area that you are so weak in that it threatens your ability) You can't make up in a couple of months "studying for the board" what you have spent the last few years learning.

    If you are in school you are studying for the boards.
  9. by   Agnus
    The NSNA book does all that you ask for. NSNA is National Student Nurse Association you can find them on the web and most book stores carry this book.