I'm Just a Nurse

  1. i'm just a nurse
    "i'm 'just a nurse,' i just make the difference between life and death.

    i'm 'just a nurse;' i just have the educated eyes that prevent medical errors, injuries and other catastrophes.

    i'm 'just a nurse;' i just make the difference between healing, coping, and despair.

    i'm 'just a nurse;' i just make the difference between pain and comfort.

    i'm 'just a nurse.' i'm just a nurse researcher who helps nurses and doctors give better, safer and more effective care.

    i'm 'just a nurse.' i'm just a professor of nursing who educates future generations of nurses.

    i'm 'just a nurse.' i just work in a major teaching hospital managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting edge experimental research.

    i'm 'just a nurse;' i just educate patients and families about how to maintain their health.

    i'm 'just a nurse;' i'm just geriatric nurse practitioner; i just make the difference between staying in their own home and going to a nursing home.

    i'm 'just a nurse,' i just make the difference between dying in agony and dying in comfort and with dignity.

    i'm 'just a nurse.' i'm just central to the real bottom-line in health care.

    don't you want to join us and be 'just a nurse' too?

    by suzanne gordon
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  3. by   MoopleRN
    Not sure what the OP's point was/who Suzanne Gordon is (or why we should join... what, the nursing profession?). After I read the OP the first time, I took out the word "just" and tried to understand the OP's point better. Then I really began to wonder what the OP's point was. If I leave the "just" out, it makes me seem more competent/professional?

    When I introduce myself to my patients, I tell them I'm their nurse. No "just" about it. Is there anyone here who tells their patients they are "just" the nurse?
  4. by   poipoi
    I think that the point of this post is that although many think nurses are "just" nurses and nothing more, they are actually very important and do more than people think they do.
  5. by   BookwormRN
    Hi, I'm the OP...
    Suzanne Gordon is a journalist who has taken it upon herself to speak up about Nurses, the job they do and the challenges that Nurses face.

    I thought the nurses on this board would appreciate her poem and say, "Yes, I AM a nurse." Not JUST a nurse, as we are an important piece in the healthcare puzzle.

    Sorry if the first post caused any confusion...I just wanted to share a great poem.
  6. by   vraienurse
    I very much like the post. The "just" is a form of poetry in my perception. like in the poem the hand of a nurse. It is a way the writer create not sarcasm or irony but emphasis on being a Nurse. Well done
  7. by   blue note
    Suzanne Gordon is using a common poetic device known as verbal irony - where you express the opposite of what you really mean - to get her point across. That being, a nurse is not just a nurse.
  8. by   Katnip
    I like the poem. I think the vast majority of nurses, have at least once, been referred to as "just a nurse." The term is usually used to degrade the role of nurses everywhere. The poem has taken that "just" and set it on its ear.
  9. by   Bubbles
    This is similiar to women referring to themselves as 'just a housewife'. Or only recently I was told by an LPN working in an hospice inpatient unit, 'I'm just an LPN.' I don't know what was going on in the unit, but she seemed upset. Also, similiar to nurses who no longer work in hospitals being referred to as 'a former nurse.' I believe once a nurse, always a nurse.
  10. by   Bubbles
    Suzanne Gordon is an advocate for nurses. I have read some of her articles and she is an excellent author. I would encourage others to read her.
  11. by   gonzo1
    great post, thanks for sharing