I'm having a 'me' day.

  1. I've decided to have a ME day today. It is all about ME for the next 24 hours.
    No worrying re work today or what dribbly, whiny, demented patients I will have to care for tomorrow. No housework (apart from dishes and cooking). I will do my pilates and yoga today. I will give myself a facial, and try out those new face and body creams I bought yesterday on special. No running round in the car to get groceries or whatever. I will surf the net, work on my new book, I will soak my poor, calloused feet in some soothing bubble bath oil, I will give my hair a treatment. I will write an entry in my diary.
    I will also have my favourite drink later, Southern Comfort (best drink to come out of the US!), and not feel guilty about the calories.
    Yes, I need a ME day today.
    What do you do on your ME days?
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  3. by   Popwhizbangz
    Save the guilt for moral matters - no one on their deathbed, ever, has thought Gee I'm glad I saved those excess calories....

    Have a great day, we all need and deserve one
  4. by   WillowNMe
    Good for you!! Those days are always wonderful... On my me days, I love a good pedicure and spending some time with my horse
  5. by   eriksoln
    On "me" days:

    1. Sleep in.
    2. Get house cleaning done (yes, I know, but I feel better and do it at whatever pace I please)
    3. Play a lot of PS3
    4. Order out pizza or get wings
    5. Watch a movie
    6. Drink some "Woodchuck" during the movie.

    Go to be whenever I please.
  6. by   pedicurn
    Lovely 'me' days...
    My ideal one:
    - sleep in
    - have coffee and breakfast in bed while on the net
    - lie back down again and have a nap
    - don't worry about the housework ... load the dishwasher and do a load of laundry
    - get up about 1400 and have a pampering afternoon
    - go out for dinner
  7. by   Ayeloflo
    On 'me' days...
    -Hang out in the ravine
    -Looking at fish in the fish tank
    -Listen to music
    -Provoke those small dogs that I encounter on the sidewalk. They are overly bold.
    -Eat in bed
    -Go hiking
  8. by   Zookeeper3
    -I turn off the phone
    -have a glass of wine no matter what time of day with a hot bath and bubbles
    -play my favorite music really loud and sing (I call it that anyway)
    -put on a chick flick and sit with my three doggies on the couch
    -repeat the glass of wine
  9. by   joanna73
    On days off I:

    1) Turn off the phone. They can leave a message
    2) Go grocery shopping (l enjoy food shopping)
    3) Read junky magazines like Cosmo. Very little thinking involved
    4) Watch tv
    5) Call friends (most are long distance)
    6) Do yoga or pilates
    7) Cook
    8) Eat some junk
    9) Veg out in front of the tv
    10) Sleep until whatever time, and go to bed late.
  10. by   Forever Sunshine
    I am having a me day for today.

    1. I made french toast(6 points).. with sausage. (3 points) and coffee(0). So I had a big breakfast. I deserve it. I lost 1.4lbs this week. (1.4 pounds for me is like 5 pounds for a normal person.)

    2. In a bit I'm going to get my nails done. I desperately need a fill in. I usually go every week and a half but it snowed wednesday and thursday. So I have to go today.

    3. I'm going to make a yummy lunch and play the Sims 2 for the rest of the day.

    4. Desperate housewives is on at 9pm. I'll watch that with a glass of wine(big glass ), and I bought the new special K potato crisps which are delicious!
  11. by   gentlegiver
    On my "ME" day:
    1. climb oob when the canine babies (3) can't take it anymore & need out
    2. make a big cup of tea
    3. get a nice fire going in the fireplace
    4. sit in my recliner & play on the computer
    5. maybe bake something today
    6. go for a walk with the canine babies
    7. maybe a nice drink (love Jack Extra Reserve) with supper
    8. watch some TV
  12. by   nicenurselpn
    On my "Me" day:

    Get up early and enjoy the quietness of the house while sipping my first cup of coffee of the day

    Spend some time with my 2 week old grandson snuggling on the couch

    Clean the house ( not fun, but I love a clean house lol, makes me feel good)

    Read a good book

    Spend time with my husband

    Take a long hot bubblebath and put on my favorite jammies with comfy slippers

    NiceNurse LPN
  13. by   TheCareerStudent
    1) Sleep
    2) Spa and/or Gym
    3) Read a book that has nothing to do w/ Nursing
    4) Have a glass of wine with dinner

  14. by   nurturing_angel
    I like to call my "me" days as Blessing Days.

    I like to get up early while the house is quiet and enjoy having my daily devotions and Bible time.
    Other than that I like to go to the gym, take a walk outside, play with my dogs, talk to my family on the phone, surf the net or play internet games, read or watch movies.
    As a general rule, we dont get near enough Blessing Days and I try to enjoy mine with everything I have.