I'm excited !!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I know this will sound very trival and even dumb but I am so excited because this summer I have signed up to volunteer at a local hospital. This will be my first experience in anything in the medical field and I know I won't get to do much but I'm still very excited. Orientation was last night and I loved it. Sorry but just had to share my excitement.
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  3. by   BSN/OncoNurse
    That is great. Don't let the politics bring down your spirits once you get more involoved in the hospital. Just always remember, it is all about the patients!!
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    Wannabe...good for you! I know you will love it!

    I got my feet wet by volunteering and I was placed in the newborn nursery doing the hearing tests and taking their pictures. (Of course, this was back in 1976). But it felt wonderful to be in the hospital. I also volunteered to help on some of the floors just to stay busy.

    I work in OB now. I graduated from nursing school in 1989. (I had waited until my own children were in school before I went to school).

  5. by   CVnurse08
    Thanx guys for the encouragement and sorry to post such a trivial thing but I am so excited !!! I start on June 17th. I'll keep ya posted on how it goes.
  6. by   SC RN
    Your post made me smile ... three months ago, I started working on PostPartum as a Nurse Tech (I start the Nursing program in August) and I felt just like you do ... in fact, I still feel excited about my job!

    Keep up the great attitude and best of luck to you!
  7. by   altomga
    wanabebabynurse,,,,it's not a trivial thing!! It is always great to hear someone get excited over something like this!!
    Just remember the feeling you have right now and it will help pull you through some tough times
    Good luck and have fun!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Tweety
    Cool I hope you have a great learning experience.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Way to go...smart step. Good luck to you. Hope you learn from and enjoy your experiences!
  10. by   CVnurse08
    Thanks again for the encouragement and I'm glad I could make you smile, SC RN. Congrats on your new job ~ I'm envious !! You guys will probably be seeing posts like this from me often as I progress through my "great and scary journey" of becoming a CNA, then onto nursing school, and, hopefully, eventually, graduation, and then again hopefully and eventually passing the NCLEX !!! Thanks for being so supportive.
  11. by   Agnus
    NOTHING trivial about volunteers. You infact fill a VERY important role. If it were not for volunteers there are MANY patient services that would not exist. You guys are also responsible for raising $$$$ for all those things that we would not otherwise be able to provide. You have taken on a very important job. THANK YOU.

    Delivering mail, flowers, giving visitors directions may seem trivial but it is anything but when you are on the receiving end of these things. These are only a few things volunteers do. Who do you think would do this if you did not? Nurses? Then who would take care of the patients when a nurse courtesously walked a visitor to the elevator etc? Or say no one did this and poor Mrs. Jones never got a visit from her dearest friend because she could not find her room and never got the card she sent because no one delivered it.

    Seriously, the volunteer is an important job. :kiss
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  12. by   GPatty
    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new job... try to keep that enthusiasum, even when thigs get rough. The patients enjoy a happy face and it makes them feel better.
  13. by   Emery
    Hi! I know you will really enjoy volunteering!! I started 3 1/2 years ago, and I LOVE it! For one thing, if you're planning on going into the medical field (and working at that hospital) you get to know the nurses and doctors. I think thats my favorite part! I started when I was 14 and they all still think that I'm that age! (because I'm short). :imbar its so much fun though! Nurses are busy people, but once in a while one will let you stay while she does a procedure and explain each step of the way. Its really interesting! Have fun!! (BTW watch out for cranky paitents...one took a swing at me once, but later told me that she wouldn't do anything to me because I was "nicer and her nurses were mean and rude..." And so on.)

  14. by   teeituptom
    Go for it and congratulations