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I had went to a bone marrow drive back in 1998, and I got a call yesterday saying there is a 38 year old woman with Hodgkin's Lymphoma who looks like a preliminary match. They asked for consent to do... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    Just FYI, I wrote them an email and haven't heard back. I'll post it if I do.
  2. by   rjflyn
    When I signed up a couple years ago one of the nurses working for the program had actually donated twice.
    Im on the list it was a red cross drive but the hopsital I was working for at the time picked up the cost- i think it was the pink ladies auxillary in fact.

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    For the poster who was wondering about how to get registered, go to www.marrow.org and it will answer your questions. From what I read on the website,several million people are registered and they've only matched up 11,000 since 1987 so I guess it's hard to find exact matches and most people will never be contacted about being a match. But the more people on the registry, the more chances people who need transplants have to find a match. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes! Tonya
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  3. by   TonyafutureRN
    Some of your replies are so sweet you make me want to cry! Thanks, guys.

    As for the cost, I went to a bone marrow drive and one time I went with the guy I was dating to a drive, and nobody was charged. The people that were having the drives had raised money to pay for donating, I believe. I know it is expensive to do all the testing. They told me all my expenses would be covered for further testing, and my lodging, travel, and babysitter will all be paid for if I am a match and donate the marrow.

    Thank you all again for your support.
  4. by   Gompers
    As someone who's been on the marrow registry for 10 years, I totally understand your excitement! I hope that I get a call someday, I think I'd actually be quite disappointed if I didn't, even though I know it's rare to be a random match like that.

    I was registered during a blood drive in college, when given the option for them to take an extra tube or two of blood to be put on the list. A lot of the people donating did the same, but then I over heard some of them in the cafeterias and in class..."I hope I never get called, it's supposed to hurt so much to donate bone marrow!" I was just so annoyed by them and kind of blew up a little bit. How can you whine about a little bit of pain when you are potentially saving someone's life??? And these were nursing students!

    I hope you're a match, that would be wonderful!!!
  5. by   renerian
    If you give 3 units of SD platlets they will do your HLA typing for free. That is what I did. I give SD platlets on call for the red cross.