If you worked while in school, what did you do? - page 7

Hello I should be starting school in the Fall (fingers crossed, mailbox on constant surveillance). Any way I am interested in what kind of jobs people have/ had to pay the bills in the mean time. ... Read More

  1. by   jayne109
    I worked as a Radiology clerk full time for a while and about killed myself. But I got to study when I did not have charts to work up. When I couldn't do that anymore, physically, I went to the hospital day care. That was great. I got good child experience that is helpful to me now and it was very flixible. I could work 3 hours, go to school and coe back for 4 more hours. It was great. I also had as tint working as an ER tech but that didn't work out because there were weeks I did not work at all because it was a PRN position. Not very helpful for the pocketbook but it was excellent experience. I got to do things there that I didn't get to do in Nursing school, like place Foley caths and draw blood. It was great.
  2. by   kimmicoobug
    I did work study in the vo-tech building for a quarter. I also worked Arby's and KMart after birth of my son. Did this for nearly two quarters, but quit because it wasn't worth not ever seeing my two kids and trying to do school.
  3. by   LauraF, RN
    I was a pharmacy tech. Actually I did all the scheduling for the pharmacy tech and was responsable for third party billing and all silly problems that came up. It was good knowledge for meds and dosage calculation, great managerial skills and I could make my own hours. As long as the pharmacy had the staff it needed. And there were girls their with families so they wanted days, so I did holidays evenings and a couple of hours during the day. That was for my LPN. Now that I'm going back for my RN I have a full time job of being mom to two kids 7 months apart, one is a preemie.