If you won the lottery, would you still do your job? - page 5

Just a general type of question. Since a lottery is really nothing more than a tax on people who are bad at math, I know I'll never win since playing is the first key. But.... lets say you did... Read More

  1. by   lakerette01
    If I even played, and I won, I think I would work part time or per diem.. I donate some of the money to charities and to my alma mater. I also think I would end up going back to school to get my MSN..
  2. by   flashpoint
    Probably not...I would love to spend more time at home with my family...and when they are at school or whatever, I could spend more time volunteering with the fire department. I would also have concerns about people knowing that I was the nurse who won a million $$$ and trying to come up with something to sue me for.
  3. by   KellieNurse06
    I would not stop working...money isn't evrything...yes that's alot of money & money is nice but no I would keep my life jst as it is only I would build my dream house, get a new car & take care of everyone I care about.....and send everyone on a dream vacation of their choice...... Watch all the friend & relatives come out of the woodwork then that you never hear from...lol
  4. by   CIRQL8
    If I won small, I would not quit - need health insurance... a few bad years (maybe even one bad year), health care could cost you in the millions. I would, however, cut down my hours.

    If I won big, I would not quit. I would wait until the next time they p*ss*d me off and say 'you want me to do what? - he** NO!' And get some satisfaction before quitting or getting fire. (just kidding-- of course I would quit!) I may go get a higher degree and maybe teach part time or do something with no patienr care or contact. Everyone is so sue-happy, I would be a great big target!
  5. by   njbikernurse
    Probably one day a week, just to get that feeling of contributing something. But preferably a job that deals with no poop, no families, and no holding my bladder for 9 hours!
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I agree w/ most everybody else here...wouldn't quit for winning small. Just pay off a few debts.

    For winning big, I might consider it. I buy a couple tickets every now & then so it *could* happen. (am I holding my breath? ) I might just stay prn or something. I do enjoy my job most days. Fun thread!
  7. by   Intenstudy
    I wouldn't stop working. I'd become a secret philanthropist and invest in real estate.
  8. by   bethin
    I don't play the lottery although my parent's at Christmas give us lottery tickets as stocking stuffers. I did win $50 but hardly enough to quit working.

    I would probably finish my BSN and go to law school. The one thing holding me back from law is knowing I have to support myself and I have read where some schools are limiting the number of hours a law student can work a week - the average is 20 hrs. Not enough to support yourself.

    And then as a lawyer I could do pro bono work. Studies show majority of law students go in hoping to do pro bono work but reality sets in when you have to pay $150,000 in student loans.
  9. by   pedsnrs1
    I would probably quit but do volunteer work at the hospital. I would also like to buy a huge house with big rooms, kitchen, family room, etc. near a military base. It would be available for military personnel who can't make it home for the holidays to have a place to go for a home cooked meal, Super Bowl/World Series parties, and such. I am a Navy veteran and have a special place in my heart for military veterans.
  10. by   ewattsjt
    I would have to quit. Do you realize how many lawsuits would be waged against you as soon as people found out? Hey did you know that there is a nurse, tech, or whatever that has several million dollars working at......... See, it already doesn't sound good.
  11. by   jetscreamer101
    I'd quit as well. I'm sure I could find other things to do with my time.
  12. by   yankeesrule
    I would absolutely quit working. I only work to pay the bills. That is why majority of people work. I chose nursing as it is a guaranteed job for life. If I won big.. what do I need a job for.. pass it on to somone who needs the money.. Me Ill be in tahiti...
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]i always believed i'd be one of those who continued to work. i'd pay my bills, drop to part time, help improve my parents' retirement and fund my own, but i'd keep working. after six months of forced "retirement" due to an injury, i've found that i really could find things to do with myself without working. i'd buy my hubby his dream boat (a cutter-rigged, blue water cruising sailboat) and invest the rest and we'd be out on the open seas soooo fast!