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Does anyone have any ideas to how to lose wt and work nights? I need to lose 20 lbs. and am struggling to find what works for me with my work schedule? :confused:... Read More

  1. by   FullMoonMadness
    Some really good advice already here. My big downfall is eating when I get home and then going to sleep. Because I live in a resort town there are many takeout/delivery places that are open all night. Oh my God, Parmesan Chicken Wings will kill you. Try to make some pita sandwiches and have fruit on hand for that 3 oclock slump. Sometimes we get the security guard to open the cardiac rehab gym for us and we actually walk(WHAT) on the treadmills on slow nights. Good luck.
  2. by   PowerPuffGirl
    I've lost 10 lbs since New Years Eve, loosely following the Suzanne Sommers 'Sommersize' program, which is a variation of the low-carb diets. On hers, you don't cut them out completely, and I don't follow it quite as strictly as some people I know.

    Unfortunately, I LOVE carbs. Nothing makes me happier than huge plates of pasta, loaded baked potatoes, dinner rolls, etc. I switched over to whole wheat pasta, which helped some. It's really hard, esp when I've had a stressful day, to not want to 'reward' myself with food.

    Another thing I've found that helps is having a diet/healthy eating buddy. It really helps if you have someone you work with, and you can provide emotional support for each other.

    I've also started doing little things, like taking the stairs at my apartment building (I live on the 3rd floor) instead of the elevator, parking at the end of the parking lot, etc.
  3. by   bagladyrn
    One thing I've made a rule is NOT to take any money with me to work (my debit card will get gas or anything I need on the way home) I find that this way, I'm not tempted when others call out for delivery food, and can't hit the machines at 2 a.m.
  4. by   Teshiee
    I have worked nights for a long time and I have lost weight with controlling my fat intake and exercise. I still eat at night and when I wake up I go do my exercise so I don't change my mind in the end. I only work 2 night shifts at a time with at least a day off afterwards. I lost 20 lbs. And I do not cut out major stuff just curtail my portions. I don't believe in deprivation man cannot live by tofu alone.
  5. by   panda_181
    Eating at night does it to me every time...when I stopped eating at least 3 hours before I went to bed, I lost 20's amazing what just a little change can do!

  6. by   giggly1977
    I do weight watchers. I lost 54 lbs last year, gained back 8 and rejoined 6 weeks ago. I've lost 8 lbs more so far. It's very difficult at night, I also work nights. I just count my cheez-its and drink my h2o. Weight watchers has great point ideas for foods with low points. We do so much walking at night, it's hard to find the time to eat. But I always have my water with me at all times. You just have to be in the right mindset and know that you want to lose the weight. If you're not there yet, nothing is going to work. I also joined Curves for Women, which is extremely fun. Good luck with whatever you choose to do and I wish you the best with your weight loss. It's not easy but us women must stick together.
  7. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    Keep a box of high fiber cereal handy and use that to snack on during the night. Many moons ago when I was working nights, there were lots of times that a bowl of Raisin Bran with skim milk helped get me through a "hungry spot." The roughage will help you feel full and satisfied, and plenty of fiber is a must-have whenever you're trying to lose weight.

    I'm a big fan of Kashi cereal and often have a bowl as a mid-afternoon snack with bits of dried peaches and raisins thrown in for some additional sweetness and flavor.
  8. by   NICU_Nurse
    originally posted by sixes
    did you know that when you quit smoking you can expect to gain 75lbs before you knock the habit.

  9. by   nursenet
    Thanks to you all, these are all excellent ideas. I bought the
    walk off the pounds and have started doing that in the am when I'm off. and go to the gym when i'm off at nite. What a great idea not to take money with you to work that is totally a downfall of mine, vending machines, stress will make you feel like you deserved that reg coke and cinnamon bun. Those that are doing weight watchers, do you count your points with that day. or do you make it the next days points? after midnight that is?
  10. by   whipping girl in 07
    Originally posted by sixes
    did you know that when you quit smoking you can expect to gain 75lbs before you knock the habit.
    I don't think that's true. My mom quit smoking and gained about 20 lbs, but she was about 10 lbs underweight to begin with.

    I know lots of people who've quit and have not gained that much weight (although they pretty much all gained some, at least at first).

    I'm with Kristi...WHAT???
  11. by   zambezi
    I always try to pack my dinner... strangely enough, i think that i eat less on night shift and found myself losing a little weight anyway...i always start out with a good dinner before i leave (or is it considered breakfast?) one luxary....always have a vanilla latte during report...usually some fruit or quakes (rice cakes made by quaker, try the nacho cheese they are fabulous...tasty, satisfying and better for you than chips) for dinner around one in the am i eat a sandwich or salad...maybe some pasta for carbs and some fruit....then around 600 i eat a yogurt...oatmeal or granola when i get home to help put me to sleep....unfortunately i just cant work out when i do for four nights on...but i try to work out all of my days off...seems to work for me...good luck
  12. by   bagladyrn
    Zambezi - From this last post I'd have to guess you're either male or one of those rare lucky women with a great metabolism. If I ate that much I'd be even bigger than I am!
  13. by   New CCU RN
    From her profile it does appear as though Zambezi is a rare lucky woman with a great metabolism...... (sorry just jealous)