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  1. Hello everyone

    I have been a CNA in the state of CA for the last 10 years , I am now interested in challenging the LVN board ..Is there any such thing as classes which would prepare me to this ? and if so where could i find them such assistance here in Northern Ca ? ..If any one would be so kind as to assist me with this information i would be so very grateful ..Thank you :wink2:
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  3. by   lsyorke
    You should check with the Board of Nursing in your state. I know that in N.J. you can't "challenge" the LPN exam. You must graduate from an approved program to sit for the boards.
  4. by   EricJRN
    This link should get you started:

  5. by   lovelyj75
    thank you for your quick response to my question...
  6. by   charebec65
    Here in Ohio you have to graduate from an approved school of PN. I just took the NXLEX-PN. I seriously doubt that being a CNA can prepare you for it.....
  7. by   BabyRN2Be
    I agree with all the others. I don't see how a CNA can challenge the LVN boards. You have to go to an approved school, get the proper clinical time in as an LVN.

    I really don't see how any state could allow that, I just don't see how it's a possibility.

    Best of luck to you in whatever you end up doing.
  8. by   slinkeecat
    Doubt a CNA would be permitted to challenge the boards... I would be shocked if you could....
    I don't doubt that you would be a great lpn, but it would be unfair and unsafe to allow anyone to challenge w/o the proper education as there is more to nursing than just clinical skills