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Hey everyone... I want to thank everyone for the prayers. I'm sorry I haven't been able to explain why I needed them and what I meant by saying I was in trouble, but I have recovered enough... Read More

  1. by   slinkeecat
    You Go Girl!!!!!!
  2. by   chelli73
    Quote from amygooch
    Dear Lori,

    I hope no one minds, but since you belive in prayer as I do, I wanted to post mine so you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am praying for you. (I had a friend tell me once that she just wasnt sure if people really prayed when they said they did, and I want you to know that we are praying for you, that is why I am choosing to post it.) So, anyone who doesnt wish to read this, please skip ahead to the next post. Thank you!

    Dear Holy, Heavenly Father,

    We come before you now to ask for you to watch over our sister, Lori. As you know, she has been having a very difficult time lately. We want to ask you to please give her the strength she needs to endure the days ahead and remind her to place her burdens on you, and trust that you will take care of things.

    Please ease the pain of her dear Grandmother, and bless those who care for her. Please ease the emotional pain of those who love her and must watch something so difficult. When her time comes, please give her a peaceful transition to the next life, and send peace to her and those who love her, especially, Lori.

    We ask you to give Lori the right words to explain her situation to future employers, and that you will guide her to the path you would like her to take. We know that everything happens for a reason, and we ask that you make Lori stronger from this experiance. Please comfort her when she cries and help her to realize that you made her human and that the only person who ever walked this earth that never made a mistake was your son, Jesus Christ. Please remind those who would cast stones, what you said about "Let them that are without sin cast the first stone." Also, help those who hear her story now and in the future (such as prospective employers), remember that it is also written "Judge not, lest ye also be judged". Please help all remember to show her compassion, support and kindness in this her time of need.

    Please help steer her to a workplace that will be a better place than where she was before, and where she can use all of her talents to serve her patients and above all, to serve you.

    Please send angels to watch over her tomorrow in the interview, and in the days to come. When she sees an empty chair in the room tomorrow, please remind her that it is NOT empty, that we are there in that chair in spirit supporting her, as we think of her, and pray for her at home.

    Please help Lori and her husband with their financial situation, and ease this burden from her. Please make her mindful that this too shall pass and she will get thru it, and help her to remember that it is written, "Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not, neither do they do they spin. And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these!! Wherefore if God so clothe the grass of the field which today is and tommorrow shall be cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you? O ye of little faith!" Matthew 6:28-30. So please keep her remember that you love her, and that you WILL take care of her too!!

    Thank you again, God, for all you have done for all of us! Please forgive all of us for all of our sins, and watch over each of us, but most espeically Lori. We also ask that you watch over all of our children, and also the sick, and all of our soldiers and their families, and bring them home safely. We ask these things in the name of your holy son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
  3. by   GatorRN
    Congratulations!!! That is AWESOME news!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO happy for you!!! I knew you could do it. You GO GIRL!!! And overtime pay to boot....ya gotta love that!! Proof once again that prayers are answered.

    To the anonymous donor: What a wonderful, generous thing for you to do. I'm sure Lori and her husband are extremely grateful. Thanks for being there for her.
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    Lori, congrats on the child psych facility job offer! Great news!

  5. by   UM Review RN
    wow! now here's an uplifting thread!

    i'm so so happy for you lori! i hope this job is so much better than the old one.

    we all know that "things happen for a reason." the reason is physics and newton's law. but i think it's time to quote the exact bible verse from which it sprang, because it is so appropriate here:

    romans 8:28
    and we know that in all things god works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

    best wishes, lori, as you take this job. may this be the job of your dreams and may it reward you in many more ways than just financially.

    i also want to give a great big god bless you and your family to whoever donated funds to help lori out.

    it amazes me that in this world that seems to have grown so cold, there are still people who regard everyone as true neighbors, even on an internet discussion board.
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    [quote=katfishLPN]Quote from GatorRN
    [quote] I think all nurses should be required to take a class on pain management. We, as nurses, are doing our pts a grave disservice by allowing them to suffer needlessly and not treating their pain appropriately.

    First I really want to say congratulations Lori -everything for a reason - I hope you'll be really happy in your new job. Keep us posted.:smiley_aa

    secondly I thought I'd tell you that where I work we have to attend a day course in pain management, which just started just this year. I've always been keen on giving the meds where needed but others haven't. I can't even begin to tell you waht a difference it has made to patient care from those who were more reluctant on the med side.

    It started out as a ward only training day but has now been extended to include the recovery nurses in theatre because of some issues we had there. It's been a tremendous success.

    To finish off Lori I'm just so happy for you - now you go put all this behind you & start being a great nurse again!
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    That's for the moderators to decide ...

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    congratulations Lori!!! Couldn't be happier for you. I'm sure you will be an asset in your new job (and the other job's loss).
  9. by   rninme
    Lori...I just found this thread this am...I haven't been on here much of late.
    Congrats on the new job....sounds like this is THE job for you! I'm sure you are going to be a wonderful addition to that facility....they got an AWESOME nurse. You are a kind, caring, conscientious person...don't you ever forget that....and I am sure you are going to shine in your new position.

    Good Luck to you, Lori!
  10. by   Lacie
    Congrats!!! See someone up there was looking out for you. As mentioned before you may find this experience to be a blessing in disquise. Keep your head up and move forward as you deserve the good things in this profession and in life. It's your last employers loss and your gain now.
  11. by   smk1
    congrats and best wishes Lori!
  12. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    Hi everyone,

    I actually SLEPT last night! Wow! First time in about two weeks that my sleep hasn't consisted of waking up in a full-blown anxiety attack every couple of hours!

    The world looks a whole lot brighter today, and for that I have to thank you all. There were times in the last couple of weeks where I honestly thought I was losing my mind. I think now it was sleep deprivation and not eating well. Not to mention thinking I was going to lose my house!
    DH has an interview tomorrow at 1330 with a different local nursing home for a full time position. We have cut every corner we could (kept this week's grocery bill to less than $20) and will continue to do so until this crisis is in the past.

    I just can't stop saying thank you- you guys have kept me sane!
  13. by   DoubleblessedRN
    Lori, I feel sorry for you and happy for you at the same time. I haven't logged on in almost a week but I did see your original post about being in trouble and I read most of this thread from the beginning. I am so glad things are getting better. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.