i want to be a NURSE!!

  1. hiiiiiiiiiiii!! refer to me as lina!! im currently a student, 16, junior @ a high school, who's supposed to be studying right now!! well i jus recently signed on today in hopes of making a friend who is a real nurse, rather than nurse hathaway or nurse abby on nbc's er. i'm hoping to meeet a nurse who could share his/her nursing experiences with me. sooo please reply/email me!! i would be very grateful. or if u dont know and are curious jus like me....we could be two curious friends...i guess im going to study now...g'nite!!

    prvate message me @nurselina at of course allnurses.com or simply email me @olivejuicexbaby@wmconnect.com
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    student...FUTURE NURSE!!


  3. by   NurseLiNA
    hey!!! i know this is absolutely sillie, but i'm replyin to MYSELF!! reply me!! reply to meeeeeeeee!!

  4. by   nicoleinphilly
    Hi Lina!

    I just sent you a private message (pm) ...so check it out!

  5. by   camkib
    Welcome Lina
  6. by   sjoe
    After the THC wears off, why don't you simply read a random selection of threads on this BB.
  7. by   TheBrainMusher

    Welcome! I hope you find what you are looking for on this board. A lot of knowledge is here and the people here are great! Best of luck with your journey!

  8. by   RNonsense
    LMAO sjoe...

    and welcome lina!
  9. by   mumseyllama
    Hey girl, we sure need you in the field. Stick with it!!
  10. by   melissa24
    Welcome, Lina

    Sjoe....what is THC?
  11. by   NurseLiNA
    awwwww..........hey ya!! it's lina!! thank ya so much for replying. ya have no idea how special this feeeels!! this is my second day here, so now i'm on my journey of LEARNiNG!!!!!!!! ima be backk!!
  12. by   BeachNurse
    melissa..I think the implication made by SJoe is that the girl is "high".
  13. by   jemb
    Tell me, Lina, what is it about nursing that appeals to you? What particular things do you think you will enjoy most that nurses do ?
  14. by   NurseLiNA
    heyyy!! ?que pasa? im keeeeping my post alive...DO NOT GO ON PAGE 2!! thanx to all those who replied back to me!! ya are jus so sweeeeet!! i appreciate it ever so much!!! hey if ya read my profile and all, i finally got my pic...it's dumb...it took me 10 posts man!! i'll be back!!