I want 100 friends.

  1. The other day, I contributed it to this bulletin board about EBN, and got many opinions. I was very happy. I want to work in the foreign country someday. I want to work as an educator in Japan someday (I want to live in the foreign country.)
    But, with the purpose of being sufficient, it is understood that it is meaningless even if it goes to the foreign country. I want to enter a university. A foreign nurse license will be acquired. I want to be the nurse of the various countries and a friend. Can you do it?


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  3. by   Diana in Sweden
    what exactly can I help you with
    if you are looking for a friend you have one :-)
    do you want some information on university progams ?
  4. by   Kenshisandesu
    Thank you very much for Hello. I am very happy. Can you do a mail thing directly with me? I want to be a friend with you. I am waiting for the mail from you.

  5. by   gwenith
    Kenshi Keep posting and talking with people on this bulletin board and I am sure you will end up with more than 100 friends. One day tell us about what it is like to nurse in Japan I am sure we would be interested.

    In the meantime if you want information on how to get registered in Australia go the the forum "Australin Nursing Discussions" and open the thread "Information needed please" by Jane1. It has a couple of excellent posts by Betts and Koalablue with websites for anyone wanting to come and work in Australia.
  6. by   bargainhound
    We love to make new friends....God bless you and let us know specifically what you mean.....
  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    Hi, Kenshi! I have seen your posts here before! I even visited your web site a few years ago when you posted the link to it. Welcome back to the board! Please, tell us more about yourself and your experiences in nursing in Japan. We would love to hear them.
  8. by   DeeDee71
    I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking for, but if you want to know about the laws of working in another country I would contact that country's health dept. I have worked in several different countries under my US nursing license without any difficulty. For the most part I have been in Latin America and Africa, never in Asia so I couldn't tell you about that area. Best of luck.
  9. by   Angelica
    It's nice to meet you, Kenshi! While I was in the Marine Corps I lived in Iwakuni for several years, and I really enjoyed your country. I would also like to learn more about Japanese nursing. I spent a couple of days in a small hospital in Iwakuni and I received excellent care. I thought the toilet was funny, though. It was a state of the art electronic model that I couldn't quite figure out how to use.
  10. by   rn-medic
    just a quick note-- you DO have another friend right here!! i do cardiac icu nursing and am a paramedic on the side,so anything i can do do assist you- just ask.
    and i'll send you my email hope to hear from you... and good luck with your