I really need help with Nursing school questions

  1. I live in Memphis, Tennessee and I am soo lost! I am currently going back to school (U of M) to become a nurse. I am soo lost I know that I have to finish my pre-reqs but I will like to know what do the nursing classes and clinicals consists of? How many classes do you take,can you take these classes part-time, what year does clinicals start? Someone please help and inform because it seem that the advisor that I have is little help.
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  3. by   richardjboro1
    I can't speak for U of M, but my school (ASU, across the river from you) has a semester of lab work and theory, then we begin clinicals once a week this term (spring). Next year, we'll have 2 days a week of clinical, and 2 days of lecture. I've yet to take over 12 hrs and won't need to take more than 16 a term, but ALL my pre reqs will be done by this summer. If you have questions, email me.

  4. by   TazziRN
    At my school (back in the dinosaur days) the nursing courses were full time (12 units or more) and we spent two days a week in clinical. Between didactic and clinical I was in school 4 days a week.
  5. by   prettybaby
    Q.A 40 pound Client is to receive Monistat 20 mg/kg IV in 4 divided doses. The Monistat comes in vials containing 200g/20mL. How much solution should be in each dose? the book says 9.1 but I think they made a mistake in thier conversion which looks like this in the back.

    A.Client weights 18.18 kg X 20mg=363.6 total mg/4 doses= 90.9 mg per dose.
    200/20=90.9/x=200x=1818 or x= 9.09 rouonded to 9.1 mL per dose.
    ?How did they get this answer and cause you would have to convert mg to g wouldn't you? I am studying for my NCLEX-RN thanks for your help
  6. by   BusyBeeRN
    the KEY WORD in the problem is solution, not solute. There are 1000 mg. to 1 Gm so its not a problem of a decimal. The answer lies in how much of the solute in the solution do u administer. meds that come in powdered form must be reconstituted and then drawn up in a syringe, the question is asking you how much do you draw up in the syringe.
  7. by   prettybaby
    Well when I worked the problem out I came up with .00909ml to be drawn up. Because in the answer in the book they never converted the 200g to mg or the 90.9 to g
  8. by   BusyBeeRN
    ok, 200g/20ml translates to 1000mg to 1ml which means 1ml is equal to 1gm
    1000mg:1ml=90.9:x 90.0=1000x 90.09/1000=9.09 rounded to 9.1ml
  9. by   matt59
    9.1 it is.

    40lbs = 18.18kg.
    363.6mg devided by 4 doses =90.9mg per dose

  10. by   ann945n
    My school is 6 quaters long 12 credit hours a quater. The first 3 weeks of quaters 1-5 are 4 days a week 8 hour days. then the 4-9 week is 2 days lecture for 6 hours 2 days clinicals for 8 hours a day. The 6th quater is 3 weeks of lecutre followed by full time clinicals for the last 7 weeks shadowing a Rn. Hope that helps