I Quit my job today

  1. I am so heartbroken. I thought I could do it but I just couldn't. Sharon, this creature from the black lagoon and the supervisor are best friends.The supervisor accused me of telling a patient that I was too tired to walk him! B@#sh&* to that! I never said that. I said"I think you will get tired (patient hadn't slept in 3 days)if you walk yourself,only after being to by my preceptor not to walk himself! I am so angry. If I had honestly done something wrong that would be one thing. If they had a legit gripe that would be different. They didn't want me their from the start. Tehy are so afraid for thier precious jobs, that they can't think straight. They wanted me to defend my right to work there. I am a new hire. they also wanted me to justify the new peds unit that I was to be a part of. I kept telling them I have no idea what is going to happen. All they did was talk about each other. One person would leave the room and the others would attack like a bounch of vultures! It was sick! I am wore rihgt out. I am not even sure if nursing is for me anymore. How sad is that. I was looking for a new career today. I am so depressed. thank for the ear.
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    I am truely sorry for your first nursing experience to have been so poor. Please don't give up...you'll find a decent facility...I'm sure of it...& you'll get to work with some of the kindest, intelligent folks.

    Again, I'm very sorry about your first experience!eek: :imbar

    Sincerely - Moe
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  4. by   cargal
    I am so sorry that this happened to you. I too have been in a situation where what I said or what I did was twisted around to make me look bad, or to attack my nursing skills. There was also an supervisor and her favorite sabatoging nurse duo show. Unfortunately, if you don't stand up to it now, it may not end. I
    don't think you are necessarily in the wrong career, but probably the wrong job. Please educate yourself on horizontal violence at the following link http://www.nurseadvocate.org/hv.html

    I know of another great site and I will try to find it for you. In the meantime, take care of yourself. You probably feel traumatized at this point- I remember how angry and shaken I was. There are lots of nursing jobs out there. It took me awhile; I am an older nurse and seem to be a target for these type of people. I am a slow learner, but once I learn it I am very competent. Just type in horizontal violence in a search engine and you will come up with some amazing information. Keep tuned to allnurses.com-as you know, it is a wonderful support system.
    Good Luck and keep us updated:
  5. by   GreytNurse
    Rhona1.......girl.......pull yourself together:kiss there, that's for you! Sounds to me that those people certainly DID NOT deserve a great nurse such as you!!
    Nobody wants to be 'fired', but 'sad to say', it is part of working life. I say you are in a much better position.........to look for a place that really needs you and will appreciate you!

    I think most of us have been in your situation.......back-stabbers, gossip lovers......just poor examples of professional people. Some of us have been fired too.....I was back in Sept. just days after 9/11.....I filed charges with the Labor Dept and my former administrator was found guilty. They had to give me back pay, plus unemployment.

    Hang in there girl. Don't let this upset you, think of it as a new beginning.....We're behind you!!!!
  6. by   cargal
    rhona 1
    Here is the site that I spoke of. I was relieved to give this monster a name:
    This site was very helpful in understanding what was going on. I will never put up with this kind of behavior again.
  7. by   Mkue
    Rhona1, I feel bad for you, and this happens in every type of employment and profession, it's sad. Some people are just jealous and insecure, don't let it get to you.

    Just move on and keep your head up, you will find the right place to work, it won't be perfect but hopefully less vultures.

    Remember, they own their attitudes, you don't.

    You just take the "high" road !!!

    Good Luck
  8. by   nursnancy
    Rhona1: Please hang in there. I've read all of your threads and I can tell you have a nurse's heart. It would be a travesty for you to quit nursing now. I know you are tired, frustrated, and depressed today, but things will get better, honey. I am an LPN in LTC (just 3 yrs experience). There aren't many days that go by that I don't question - for one reason or another - the decision to become a nurse. But when I do get upset or frustrated and start questioning it, I remember why I did. I didn't become a nurse for the supervisor, or the D.O.N., or another nurse, or a mean family member, or anybody else that's giving me a hard time that day. I didn't become a nurse for the facility I work at. I became a nurse for the patients. Plain and simple. And THEY, no matter whey they are, will always need me. And they will always need you. Tomorrow is another day, girl. Pick yourself up, hold your head high, and get back on the horse.
  9. by   BadBird
    I feel your anger, there is nothing worse than being falsely accused, I have been there also. Guess what ,I got a new job the same day at $4.00 more. I guess the old saying is true, the best revenge is success!!! Hang in there and look for another job immediately. I have seen over the years where nurses work there rears off and they are just never accepted into a unit. It is more about the personalities that kiss butt than the ability of the nurses. By the way it happens to new and old nurses, be strong and know you are right.
  10. by   cargal
    Oh yes rhona, I also made $4.00 an hour more at my new job, I have day shift instead of rotating day and evening, which is what I wanted, I work with great nurses and CNA's and I am taking classes for certification in Validation Therapy. something the creature from the black lagoon (lol) at my last job would have laughed at. I love my new path! I am becoming a better stronger nurse and you may not believe it now, but you will be better off without those dregs!
    How're ya doin?
  11. by   RNIAM
    Thank you everyone for all the support. Well here is the update on my world right now. After I called in my sobbing resignation. My superivisor didn't call back ( I was hopeful that she would) Well it seems she was out at meetings all day and didn't get my message until 2pm. I went to turn in my books, name tag etc and she was there waiting for me. she put her arm around my shoulder and let me cry. It was amazing ,she said that she hired me becuase she new I could do a good job. I was so happy. she said I could wait until the peds floor opened before comming back to work for her if I liked. I told her I would like that. At least for the time being "the creature from the black lagoon" won't be able to harass me. Oh and here is a bit of interesting information. I guess she wanted the position i got. Surprise,surprise! No wnder I am on her hate list. It sure would have been nice to know that from the start. I guess they were hoping she wouldn't be petty about it but I guess she is what she is. I love my nurse manager. She is an awesome lady! Thank you all so much. My life is once again back on track.
  12. by   canavywife
    Rhona1 I am so sorry this job did not work out for you. I can tell you that I have gone through this as well, and it was my first nursing job too. Please don't give up! I quit my first job after 2 months!

    Start looking for a new job right away! I got a job offer the day after I quit and they offered me more $$ too! I didn't take that one because it wasn't exactly the one I wanted but the right job will come your way! It took me about 1 month to find my perfect job! I loved it, everyone was supportive and wonderful, i loved to go to work. I left recently because we moved =(

    This will work out for you, take a breather and get back into it! You'll find somewhere better to work no doubt!
    Good luck =)
  13. by   micro
    yes, said to say.......this is not unfamiliar territory for those of us that have been there before you........
    cargal shares some great sites......although sad to say that the problem is so prevalent.......that there is so so very much out there about it.........
    take the hand dealt you, "know when to hold them, fold them, walk away and know when to run".............
    Rhona, there is a royal flush out there for you.........

    the line that was shared above.......

    "Nursing manager and her fav sabotaging duo".................
    just think that is their fun on the job.....how sad.....

    I would rather enjoy, learn and grow in my nursing career and be part of a team than be part of the negativity out there.....

    You can be a + or a -.........


    lol, micro
  14. by   shay
    Rhona, funny you posted this...

    I was gonna PM you and ask what happened after your other threads about this horrid job of yours with evil co-workers.

    Well, sorry all that junk happened to you....it really is just awful. But on the same turn glad you got out of there. What a toxic place.

    You'll find a nice place, honest, you really will. Most of us here (myself included) have been in your shoes at one point or another and have found a nice unit to call home after a little searching. Hang in there!