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I am so heartbroken. I thought I could do it but I just couldn't. Sharon, this creature from the black lagoon and the supervisor are best friends.The supervisor accused me of telling a patient that I... Read More

  1. by   Dr. Kate
    If only there was a way to get through to all nurses that nothing is served by being so terribly afraid of anything and anyone new. New nurses with their enthusiasm and energy are the lifeblood of nursing and healthcare.
    I coordinate our new grad program and one thing we tell our new grads is that we do our best to make good matches between new grad and preceptor but sometimes, for whatever reasons, the match is not one made in heaven. You do not have to live with it. Remember, your supervisor is not you Mom and you are not a teenager. If you have a problem with someone that you have been unable to resolve, your supervisor is your first line of defense. Chances are, he or she already knows about the problem.
    Rhona, as a new grad, or a new hire, you shouldn't be alone. If you find yourself in that position, take a long hard look at the organization. It needs to change the way it's doing things. The world is different and nurses do not have to pay their "dues" in tears and blood anymore.
    BTW, Rhona you think like a nurse and that's worth it's weight in gold.
  2. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by rhona1
    Thank you everyone for all the support. Well here is the update on my world right now. After I called in my sobbing resignation. My superivisor didn't call back ( I was hopeful that she would) Well it seems she was out at meetings all day and didn't get my message until 2pm. I went to turn in my books, name tag etc and she was there waiting for me. she put her arm around my shoulder and let me cry. It was amazing ,she said that she hired me becuase she new I could do a good job. I was so happy. she said I could wait until the peds floor opened before comming back to work for her if I liked. I told her I would like that. At least for the time being "the creature from the black lagoon" won't be able to harass me. Oh and here is a bit of interesting information. I guess she wanted the position i got. Surprise,surprise! No wnder I am on her hate list. It sure would have been nice to know that from the start. I guess they were hoping she wouldn't be petty about it but I guess she is what she is. I love my nurse manager. She is an awesome lady! Thank you all so much. My life is once again back on track.
    Hi rhona1

    What an awesome report... Glad hear things have worked out so you will be able to start in the new position that you wanted so badly.... It was wrong for that woman to take her dissapointment out on you....but seems things have a way of working out for the best... Glad it has done just that for you!

    Go get em...
  3. by   RNIAM
    oops, sorry all .I should have said my nurse manager,not supervisor sorry for that. I am hanging in there!