I passed my CNA test.....m

  1. I was an NA for 6 years before the "C" was needed, anyway, I got approval from The Department Of Public Health to sit for the exam and do the Clinical Skills test without having to pay for training since I already had experience. I was worried I wouldn't pass cause I haven't worked in 12 years. Well, I got a 94% on the written test and 100% on the Skills

    I went on my first interview yesterday and the DOR said "We pay $8.50 an hour to start" and I said "I'm sorry I can't work for that!" She replied well, I'll give you $9.50. I said I need more that that!!! She kept looking at my resume and kept saying "Well, you DO have a lot of experience, but the highest I can go is $9.50" I said again, "I'm sorry, but I feel I'm worth more than that, thank you for your time". She said "Hold On!! Let's talk cash here what are you looking for?? I said, "Well, I was looking for $12.00 an hour" She gave me this look and said "But I have CNA's that have been here for years and don't get what your asking for!!" I said "I'm not here to fight for their pay, if they stay for $8.50 an hour that's fine, but I will NOT work for that, I can go to McDonalds for that, and with the Nursing Shortage the way it is, I can get a job ANYWHERE" I proceeded to tell her that I knew for a fact that I could go to one of the Hospitals in Boston and get $13.00 an hour....

    Again I got a look!!

    She said, "Close the door"

    To cut to the chase, I got the job at $12.00 an hour, $13.00 an hour for Sunday, plenty of OT at time & 1/2 IF I CHOOSE TO TAKE IT. After 3 months, holidays including my Birthday off with pay, double time IF I work them. Full Health Benefits!!!

    I honestly thought she would throw me out of her office, but I think she was GREAT!!!
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  3. by   essarge
    Good job! Don't know too many people that would hold out like that!!
  4. by   journeyy
    Good for you!!!
  5. by   janine3&5
    Good for you! We all need to grow a big set of brass ones like that! LOL.
  6. by   123lisa
    And that is how we should all be. Great job...........I admire you
  7. by   kennedyj
    You are really doing lots of things from what it sounds.
    Congrats and keep it up!!!!
  8. by   tillie1
    Sheryl, good for you!Are planning to go on to nursing school? We could use more people like you that stand their ground? Just be prepared for the current cna's to be upset when they find out how much you are making...somehow they will find out. On the other hand, maybe you will be instrumental in them getting together and standing up for themselves! Good luck!
  9. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    Yes I am starting Nursing School in September, I can't wait!! I don't discuss my pay with anyone, but if they DID find out, they have to be the ones to stand up for their rights. The way the shortage is now, I can't see why employers won't pay what you ask or at least bargin a bit. If they won't, jobs are a dime a dozen.