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  1. tillie1

    problems with the old folks - sorry long

    See if you have an organization in your area that helps families who are needing to make these decisions...some type of Senior Resource center or Counsel on Aging. I am glad you are taking him to the Dr. It sounds like a thorough check up is in order. Good Luck!
  2. tillie1

    A bunch of questions!

    Dissolving crushed meds in warm water makes them dissolve easier. Don't crush Carafate..drop the whole pill in a capsule and it will dissolve on it's own. I have known nurses to put syrup-y meds in the TF bag only to have to start over with new set up because the syrup made the formula curdle.
  3. tillie1

    What I didn't get in school...

    I agree, your instructors let you down! When you get hired and meet with your preceptor be ready to discuss what you hope to get out of orientation. Make sure the other staff members know you are willing and eager to take on procedures! Follow your instincts, make your needs known and you will be fine. Congrats and good luck!
  4. tillie1

    What's a good book to read about the realities of nursing

    Bed Number Ten is an excellent but sad book about a pts experiences in ICU. It has to be special ordered and I think is thirty bucks but worth every penny. I passed it around to all the cnas on our unit that were in nursing school when I first read it and it was a real eye opener for them. Good luck with school!. Tillie
  5. tillie1

    had my gall bladder out 10 days ago

    When my surgeon found out I am a staff nurse on an ortho/med-surge floor he said I had to be off two week minimum because "you girls work to hard wo enough staff". He would have been willing to extend that but I had only been at the job six months at the time and didn't have any more sick time available!
  6. / lauraz...please go to the nursingspectrum.com web site, nurse to nurse link and click on posting titled "to help those newly graduated"...scroll down until you find a response that begins "friend of the author"....read, print and then sit back and take a deep breath! do something fun for yourselve before you start your new job, try very hard to get a good night"s sleep before that first day...all you are feeling is very,very normal and what your friends that have been working for a year is very true! enjoy, and don't let anyone discourage you! good luck;)
  7. tillie1

    Looking for a poem I think I read here...

    hi janfrn, i have this poem on my e-mail site but can't figure out how to post it here ( computers aren't my best friend and my son isn't awake!) it was posted on apr 18 and the poster is leesonlpn. maybe you can do a search and find it or e-mail me and i can e-mail it to you since i know how to do that! welcome to the site btw, i think you will enjoy it
  8. tillie1

    Nurse Tracking Devices: Whats Your Opinion?

    when my husband was a pt recently the nurses at the facility he was in carried phones. i found it very distracting to have that phone going off several times when she was going over post op instructions, doing drsg changes etc. he said it went off 5 times that morning when she was doing his assessment. what about when you just want to go in and check an iv of hang a piggy back and the pt is finally getting some much needed sleep? talk about a rude awakening!! i did not ask her if the phone had a vibrator option, sure hope so!/
  9. tillie1

    Nurse Tracking Devices: Whats Your Opinion?

    / we have been using a tracking system for a couple of years now. it does have some advantages: you can look on the console at the desk ans see where an employee is instead of having to run up and down the halls hollering for someone or using the "all-call" and disturbing pts. it also helps when you have an empoyee that keeps "disappearing" and argues the he/she was on the floor al the time..you can see they left the floor 35 min ago... also, if a pt c/o "havent seen any staff for hours" you have proof how often some one did go into the room. i admit, when we first started using it we all hated it for some of the same reasons cited above but i do think it is a timesaver! it is very frustrating when someone ffloats to our unit and doesn't have a tracker...can't find them for md calls, pt needs etc.
  10. tillie1

    Interesting Books!!!!!

    i knew you would want to know the author of that book. I confess, i was too lazy to go find the book yesterday so I could tell you...sigh. it is BED NUMBER TEN by Sue Baier and Mary Zimmeth Schomaker. Let me know what you think of it, its a good read for all levels of nursing experience!
  11. tillie1

    Interesting Books!!!!!

    i agree that echo heron's book are good, but i must say i found intensive care by her to be depressing. i ran across a really good book last summer and gave it to all the cnas i work with that are in nursing school to read. it is called bed number ten. it is out of print and so has tobe ordered. i almost didn't order it cause it was 30.00 but it is well worth it. the book is 20+ years old but basic nursing care hasn't changed ( at least it shouldn't have) so i think it is a good read. congratulations to all of you who are new grads, new nursing students, on-going students, etc
  12. tillie1

    please say a prayer

    in your busy day today could you please add to your list of "things to do" to say a prayer for my husband ? his gastric bypass surgery is this morning and while we both have very good feelings about him taking this step, a little extra pressure on the Big Guy wouldn"t hurt! thanks
  13. tillie1

    please say a prayer

    in your busy day today could you please add to your list of "things to do" to say a prayer for my husband ? his gastric bypass surgery is this morning and while we both have very good feelings about him taking this step, a little extra pressure on the Big Guy wouldn"t hurt! thanks
  14. tillie1

    Honestly: Do you wear gloves every time?

    alot of nurses have trouble finding the right fit with gloves...esp the ones with small hands, even our small gloves slide right off them. I have a hard time starting ivs with gloves on but I always try with them on then remove the right one (i am lefty) if I am having trouble. We recently had a surprise state visit..a former pt complained to the state that "someone" on our unit did a FBSB wo gloves!
  15. tillie1

    I passed my CNA test.....m

    Sheryl, good for you!Are planning to go on to nursing school? We could use more people like you that stand their ground? Just be prepared for the current cna's to be upset when they find out how much you are making...somehow they will find out. On the other hand, maybe you will be instrumental in them getting together and standing up for themselves! Good luck!
  16. tillie1

    Does anybody remember when??............

    wow, this is interesting and I am enjoying it for two reasons...first it makes me smile to think about alll the "stuff" i"d forgotten but most importantly I have found some nurses that are as old if not older that me!!!!I have taken to referring to my co-workers as the kids cause I have kids older than someof them! I love telling them stories about the "old days" of iv bottles, ct bottles, NO iv pumps (probably coulnd't calculate a drip rate now if my life depended on it. We learned in PN school how to do the morphine thing but our instructor followed that lecture with "hardly anyone has to do this anymore" Remember sippy diets?!?!?!?!Thanks for the memories!

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