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hello to all of you that know me!!! :) what i need is a decent polling here before 1300 est friday.....your vote might help me out immensly. thank you in advance!!! :) ok i had a hard time... Read More

  1. by   codebluechic
    I wasn't sure about the choices but I picked premium plus. We make time and 1/2 for anything over 40 ,holidays, and if we volunteer for call and are called in. We have shift diff, weekend diff and charge diff. and get bonus pay(extra $8/hr) for working extra during tourist season.
  2. by   hoolahan
    Rick, where I used to work we got double tiime for any hours not scheduled.. There was so many people signing up for time, we had to keep a list of whose turn it was TO work!!

    Where I am now, we get a weekend premium of 3.75 per hour, but I won't get OT or anything for coming in extra, therefore, my "OT" goes to my staffing agency, where I get $40 per hour, sometimes lots more if they are desperate!

    So, they bottom line is, if you pay them, they will come, assuming it's not so short-staffed it's a dangerous place. Just give the nurses the best deal, and they will be glad to help. When people feel appreciated, and are compensated, it shows in their work, IMHO.

    Good luck hope it works out for you.
  3. by   KRVRN
    We get base pay for our 12 hour shifts. We have a $3.00 differential for night shift. No weekend differential because we're commited to every other weekend. Any time over 12 hours in a row is paid as double time (like if we stay over). If we come in for an extra shift it is paid as time and a half. Sometimes they will really be hurting and when they call to ASK you if you will come in (we're always asked--never ordered, unless on-call) they will straight out offer double time for the entire shift. :-) I believe on-call nurses are paid $3.50/hour until they come in, then they get base pay. Holidays are time and a half, and being night shift, some holidays (thanksgiving, christmas, new years) are paid time and a half for the holiday itself and the eve of the holiday. Time and a half for thanksgiving eve is kinda cool. Any time and a half or double time is added AFTER the shift differential--so your shift differential will be doubled as well.

    I'm sorry but I did not add my vote to the poll because I was not sure where exactly my situation would fit. Feel free to add me wherever you think I fit. :-)