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Can you guys help me? I am so upset and depressed I just don't know what to do!! Situation: We have a resident, who is a hypochondriac. It is hard to tell if she is really sick, as she has cried... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    Paprikat, honey, with your record the worst thing that can happen is that the patient can refuse to have you for her nurse.
    OH DARN....
  2. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by Paprikat
    Can you guys help me? I am so upset and depressed I just don't know what to do!! Situation:
    We have a resident, who is a hypochondriac. It is hard to tell if she is really sick, as she has cried wolf so many times. Anyways, she stayed in bed all day yesterday, nothing charted except she stayed in bed and had tray service. So I go with her supper pills and she's sitting up, in NAD, so I said that of she wanted her supper, it was on the table and she could come and get it. An hour later, family member comes and said he was taking her home for a few days as she is so upset because the nurse told her "get your a$$ out of bed and get upstairs, this isn't a ******* restaurant." I was so shocked because I never said ANYTHING of that sort, and I told him I do not speak to people that way. He was like "whatever," so I went and told the resident in front of her family member that I did not say that, and she just said, "I don't want to talk about it." She was collapsing in his arms, carrying on....
    So now what is my recourse? What do I do? I did not say such a thing and I know it will come down to my word against hers....she is "with it," and I am upset because she out and out lied, and I can get in trouble for something I never even said. I have been there for a long time and have never had trouble like this....Please give me some advice!!!!!
    I'm sorry this has happened to you, Paprikat...it has probably happened at least once to most of us. Patients become dependent, manipulative, and find it easy to lash out at nurses.

    My advice to you: this is about HER problem, not yours. Do NOT get upset about it...stay above it, and be very matter of fact and calm when you must speak of the matter..don't get sucked into her emotional game playing. Don't discuss it with the staff or family unless it is addressed, and ask your boss to be there with you as a witness...don't talk about this amongst your coworkers to get support, it can get turned on you by a vindictive sort. Just stay professional and treat it like the ridiculous statement it is.

    This kind of thing used to just throw me for a loop when I was younger...I'd get upset and let it get to me...but that can backfire, so I learned to consider the source and stay professional...you'll be OK.
  3. by   Rustyhammer
    The family will take this woman home and find out themselves what type of behaviors are happening and soon they will be on the same page as you.
    Also, dont hesitate to call that family at home when she is refusing to get up etc...
    Tell them that you want her up at least for meals b/c it's doing her no good to self isolate all day.
    oh...and document all this stuff in your spare time.
  4. by   night owl
    Ahhhhh, the manipulative resident! It's so much fun when we have this kind. At least your manager wasn't too concerned. Documentation is everything that's for sure...You're lucky. Where I work, The resident is always right... no matter what according to my HN even if the resident has a loooooooooong hx of this kind of behavior. We've had a few excellent coworkers transfered to other units due to supposed things they said. The residents like to run the show and know they can have people uprooted to another unit because the HN has instilled it in their heads. Just be careful and document to CYA PRN then let it go.
  5. by   fedupnurse
    I know how you feel. I was acosted by the VP of nursing because he was told by one of his little spies that I had made a nasty personal comment about him. I was walking thru the nurses station when the comment was made by another employee. I told him I didn't say anything negative about him personally and he could choose to believe it or not. I then made it a point to have lunch with the 2 prime suspects and by the look on one of their faces when I reminded them of who actually made the comment, I knew which little spy it was. She happens to be good friends with the VP. SInce he still has a chip on his shoulder to this day, I can only assume she never set the record straight. Now whenever someone makes a negative comment about this person in my presence, I make it a point to say "You didn't hear that coming from me, right?"
    Don't let it get to you. In my case I knew I did nothing wrong and I honestly couldn't care less what any suit thinks of me. Good advice above: Document, Document, Documet. From here on in maybe even try to have a witness with you.
    Good luck.:kiss
  6. by   NannaNurse
    Had a patient like this once.....she would state things that were lies and try to get employees into trouble then sit back and enjoy it.....sort of like a younger sibling who rats on the others and then gets a kick when the others get in trouble.....well, we all got sick of her liew and started going into her room in pairs. We NEVER went in her room without another nurse or tech/cna.....boy did that burn her up....she couldn't 'lie' anymore and get away with it...she drove the family nuts until they found another facility to place her in....can't say we were sorry to see her leave, but we did warn the new place of her behavior and the last I heard.....she has been in 3 other places.....they all pass on about the lies and I dare say she is running out of places to go....family will have to care for her at home. Sad situation.....
    Don't worrry about this, but I would start going in with 'back-up' from now on!!!
    Good luck!!!