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I am starting a new job Monday. Three days ago I had my PPD test done. I noticed that the area is pink the same day, the size of a quarter, and is swollen, not painful, bit itchy. Three days have... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Quote from Haunted
    WAIT!!! I am confused. If you test positive and have a CRX you no longer have to take the PPD???

    Yes. Usually once you test positive, you will always test positive, so no need to be tested year after year. Some places require a yearly chest xray, other places make you sign a statement yearly that you have none of the symptoms, and list the symptoms. But no yearly ppd once you test positive.
  2. by   BittyBabyGrower
    That is an allergic reaction to the thirmasol....your next PPD should be the preservative free one....I have that reaction to anything with thirmasol.
  3. by   boomerfriend
    I'm a pre-nursing student in Pathophysiology this semester. We just covered TB. The instructor said that the induration must be raised and not necessarily red, and at least 15 mm. That's a big spot! Itching was insignificant. Also, she said that that just indicates exposure and must be confirmed with a sputum culture (although a CXR will be done first).

    Just figured ya'll would like to know what they're teaching us newbies....