i need advice please...

  1. I am a BSN grad. in Phil. got about 3 years experience in O.R. , i got here in States cz my husband petitioned me, i already took Nclex-RN exam, 2 tries & didnt make it, I wanna give it a try before this year end & plan to take LPN 1st then after a week take the RN exam just to make sure incase i dont pass my RN , and maybe will get lucky and pass the LPN. what should i do this time to pass this exam, I need your advice please, i just need to pass this exam & get a job to help my family...
    thank you.. Gob Bless!
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  3. by   neygray
    I have taken both and believe me, the exams do not differ much. I truly believe the LPN exam I had was toughter than the RN. But, you never know what you're going to get on them. Best of Luck to you in whatever you decide.
  4. by   lezah
    u cant tell the difference between the 2? just need to have back up incase i dont pass the RN... what review material did you use?
    how did u do with your exams? if u dont mind me asking?
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  5. by   neygray
    Based upon my exams, no, I couldn't tell a difference in the 2 exams. I had much pharmacy questions and drug calculation on the LPN in which I was cut off at 85 questions. The RN, I was also cut off at 85 and never had a calculation question and it seemed to ask very basic med/surg and ob/gyn questions. But, as you know, you never know what type of test your going to get. I used Saunders and Lipppincott's NCLEX RN review for both tests. They both had excellent cd's with the book for trial tests.
  6. by   lezah
    thank you so much for the help.. my 1st time to post here. just need some opinions, & its nice for you to share with me your experience.
  7. by   colleennurse
    There is an NCLEX forum under the student nursing forums. You can get a lot of great advice there on tips for both the NCLEX PN and RN. Good luck!
  8. by   lezah
    thanxs a lot for the info, ill check it out...
  9. by   maryloufu
    Hey- Boards are crazy hard. Keep trying. When I was preparing for boards I used Saunders and Lippincott books. I also used the Lippincott program for the computer- I did at least 100 questions a day. My thinking was that I was preparing my mind to be able to process all of those questions on test day. Good luck- keep at it. You can do it.
  10. by   lezah
    same here, thats my plan to atleast answer 100 Questions each day.. i wake up early to answer 100 Questions then later that day review the answer & if still got time,..read my notes... I have a toddler so, i am trying my best to have some more time for my review. I just want to get over this exam, its giving me a hard time.. this gonna be my 3rd take. So, im hoping i can make it this ti me.
  11. by   GatorRN
    You say you answer 100 questions a day, then review your answers later. Thats a great gameplan. When you review your answers, do you just see which ones you got right/wrong, or do you also click and study the rationale for why a specific question was right or wrong? That is what I focused on the most before I took the test. The trick with passing it is knowing how they want you to answer it, and why its wrong if it's wrong.

    So many of the question asked may have more than one correct answer, the trick is understanding why one answer is a better answer than the others. So, I highly recommend spending more time on understanding the rationale behind why one answer is better than the other, if you're not already doing so.

    Myself and a friend of mine both just studied the Saunders NCLEX disk test questions and rationales. We both passed the first time around. Others who mostly studied their notes from school had to re-take and re-take to pass. This was quite a few yrs ago, but from what I understand the test hasn't changed much. Hope this helps you out some. It worked for me. Good Luck!!
  12. by   BabyRN2Be

    If you want some great advice as far as the NCLEX-RN or PN goes, there's a forum here on allnurses that discusses everything you ever wanted to know about the NCLEX. You can discuss study test strategies, what works best, etc.

    Go to the main forums list and the dropdown menu will show "Nursing Student Forums" (it's near the bottom), click on that, another menu will come up, and you'll want to go to the "NCLEX Discussion Forum."

    I hope this helps you and best of luck!
  13. by   lezah
    thanx a lot. when i review & done answering questions . i go back each question even if its right, even write stuff that im not so familiar with, so later i can scan it & read it. I will buy a saunders later & do that too. when u answer your questions like how many percent correct answer u got ? coz when i answer like 75 question, i got 60-68% correct answers but somtime, even got 50 % i got frustrated & mad at the same time i try to challenge myself . I keep on telling myself I need to get atleast 75% the more the better, u know...:wink2: then i know i am doing ok.
    but really thanx a lot for the advice..
  14. by   GatorRN
    I honestly don't remember the exact percentages of correct answers I was getting while reviewing, it's been awhile. What I do recall is that as time went on the more I reviewed, the higher the percentages went. Like I said I used the Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN. I believe they have one too for NCLEX-LPN. The book was full of questions and test taking tips and it came with a disk for computer use to simulate taking the test. Again, be sure to focus on the tips/rationales for why one answer is better than the others, that really helped me the most. Review, review, review, Good Luck!!