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After I lost my correctional position I was depressed for awhile and I didn't know what to do. My mom would tell me to apply for disability then she would tell me not to. I was confused & didn't know... Read More

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    Congratulations on the new job!!!
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    Congrats friend!
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    Congrats, so happy for you!
    Thank you!!!
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    Yes, if you let on that you would be homeless without a job, they will take advantage of your predicament and dump off all the BS on you because they know you can't quit. The last LTC facility I worked at, they looked for excuses to fire the older, seasoned veterans and hire in fresh, green grads for less money. Being a big guy, they always came and got me to be the human hoyer lift, I could pick up 300-400 lb patients like water. After 6 years, I woke up one day and couldn't get out of bed. I blew my back out and had to take 3 months off to go to a point where i could stand up again. When I went back, my patients were all delighted to see me but the management sadists told me that they didn't save my position and reminded me that I was an "at will" employee, which means they can terminate you at any time without having to give any reason and believe me, they abuse this "right" and I have seen them violate people's civil and Constitutional rights with impunity. So I went through a 6 month period where I would apply online for a job, once in a while someone would actually call me, and I would get an interview. Facing losing my house and eating cheese sandwiches 3 times a day alternating with peanut butter, I got very depressed and i hate to admit, scared bordering on terrified. We (my wife and I) had to file for bankruptcy. That horrible feeling of dread and apprehension of losing all you have because they don't have the human decency to call you back. It's a game they like to play. They have some receptionist answer the phone, you ask to talk to the recruiter or the DON or whoever makes the decision, the receptionist of course states 'may I ask who is calling', and then you get the person's answering machine. Leaving a message is like wiggling your toes at a hurricane, a complete humiliation and waste of time. Now some of these places insist on checking your credit history. I guess they think one might be tempted to steal the toilet paper or something if you are in bankruptcy. So I got this latest job to supplement my meager home care job, and was happy and enthused that I got another chance to work in a facility. It only took a month or so for my enthusiasm to dwindle and vanish. I dread going into the place, in fact I have to go back in about 3 hours and feel like a person on death row counting the hours. Yet I have to put up with it because home care is feast or famine. I already know what's going to happen and i am not there yet. As I walk through the door the drama will start. This treatment wasn't done, this new admit that has been there for 7 or more hours hasn't been touched. Everyone pissed off, stressed out, and trying to dump their work off on others. The CNAs want to eat their pizza or baskets of shrimp or whatever in the break room and get pissed anytime someone puts on their call light "can't you give them something to knock them out"? Right. I am going to put my license at risk by chemically sedating them so you can do as little work as possible. So the shifts fight with each other trying to get out of doing this or that, amd of course, the management sadists refuse to help out and when they do, they can't do the same work they are always threatening us with without visibly deteriorating. The DON remarked after working the afternoon shift "I don't know how you do this every night". My answer was 'neither do we" and wanted to suggest that maybe she should have a tad bit more empathy the next time she thought about writing some of the floor nurses up, but not wanting to lose my job I kept my mouth shut and silently delighted in seeing her misery and anguish. Welcome to our world. She now refuses to work the floor, and her ADON quit after she had to work the floor, as did the unit manager. They can't do what they are expecting us to do. I totally hate management slave drivers. Yet I guess I am supposed to feel lucky I have a job. Truth be told, never let them know how much you need an income because if they sense you are desperate, they will torture you with no mercy or remorse. They enjoy acting like that, so never let them see any weakness, else you will suffer, mark my words.
    Lmao!!! Thanks for laughs!!! I don't know what this has to do with my post literally at ALL! I'm not a new a grad nor am I going into LTC.
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    Wow- aren't you just a bundle of sunshine!

    Chaos- I am thrilled for you! Congrats!
    Thank you!!!!
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    The truth was just told. I am giving this lady real advice. That is the way things are done everywhere i have worked for the last 20 years. If they sense they have you trapped, they will dump all the treatments, new admits, blood draws, lab results, physician's orders, and monthly change overs on you. That was in the good old days when you could tell the lazy slave drivers where to stuff it and could get hired on the spot at the next nearest facility. Now that everyone and his or her brother, sister, cousin, and distant relative are flooding into the field, they are taking advantage of it. The truth be told, letting them know you are trapped by them is anything short of suicidal in nature. The consolation was that the unit fell apart after i had enough and the unit manager got fired a few months after I walked out of the place because orders were not transcribed for days or even weeks, critical lab results were not reported to the physician, and she had to do the new admits and made all kinds of errors. Sometimes karma is sweet to me.
    You gave me giggles, that's it!
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    Holy moley, you should be "Barely Organized Chaos". Congrats on the new position and like someone else said: Head up, mouth closed and go forward with purpose.
    LOL! I know! Oh yeah, I never tell work friends about my health. Never a good reason. Too much ammunition if I do.
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    Sorry to hear all of this but man of the things you are experiencing come with the territory.
    Comes with what territory?
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    You have to tread lightly in nursing and think of 20--or more years from now when you work. Sorry to hear you are going through all of that.
    I didn't when I was younger, of course. But now I am thinking about not just my future my children's.

    Thank you.
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    Congrats & best wishes!
    Thank you!!!!
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    Congratulations on the new job!!!
    Thank you!!!!!