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Was at my kid's school today and asked the chick in the nurse's office if she is a "nurse." She said yes--I asked what degree she had (just wondering if she was an LPN or RN as I am thinking about... Read More

  1. by   HyperTension
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I completed a 4-month medical assistant program 6 years ago (though I have never worked as an MA).

    One of my classmates, a middle-aged lady who was changing careers, had loudly complained that, "We should be paid more money. After all, we're completing medical school."

    Sorry, but there's a hell of a difference between a 4-month MA program and the many years of undergraduate education, medical school and internships that physicians undergo.

    In the words of Bill Engval.. "Here's your sign"
  2. by   P_RN
    I found a post I made a few years ago.


    This resurfaces several times a year. We here at allnurses actually had a campaign to convince a physician to change his web page.

    I wish I could find the original thread.