i am so confused

  1. i just started a phlebotomy course last week, i enjoyed it so far but when i sat down to think i decided that i really don't know if i can do this. after observing the job and actually sticking people i felt like i dont want to do this, because i didnt like seeing patiens hurt, each time they would squint an eye or express pain in some kind of way i felt bad. i felt like i don't want to stick people all day and hurt them i want to care for them and make them feel better. now i wouldnt mind sticking maybe two or three times a day, but i don't want it to be the primary thing that i do when i come to work. i really enjoy my work as a nursing assistant, should i just drop the course? i cant decide because on the contrary to waht i just said i think i could get through the class but my clinical experinece really made me uncomfterble. i thought this was something that i would enjoy but now all of a sudden i really don't think so . thanks so much for letting me tell my story,i really need some advice. i am so confused right now i dont know what to do
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  3. by   bargainhound
    You have to rest and the rethink your situation to see if you still feel this way later. Don't jump to a decision too soon. We all have bad days at whatever our job is. It is the overall feeling you have after a day that counts. People expect pain with a blood draw...they are there to see what is wrong and that is one method of determining their illness. You will learn to distract them and techniques to minimize the pain. You will have patients say to you "You are really good at this! That is the easiest stick I ever had! "
    You will also be able to use these skills in a variety of jobs, so try to hang in there if you can. It also helps to sit down and start a pros and cons list to help you decide. The length of the pros and cons is not the point...it just helps you think it through and see what is really important to you.
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    Sure it hurts to get stuck but you may want to think that without that stick that person is not going to get better. I've seen some pretty bad sticks by some real uncaring people. You could change that with a caring attitude and a gentle needle.
  5. by   Dayray
    Think of it this way...

    You care about patients and dont want them in pain. Do you think others would care as much as you do? Do you think they would try to poke in the least painful way? or do it the fastest, easiest way?

    If you did stay on the job, would you do your best to learn techniques that minimized pain?

    Would the patients expeance less pain with you as their phlebotomist? (once you learn and get used to doing it)?

    Now would you rather the patient have you draw their blood or someone else who may or may not care as much as you do?
  6. by   altomga
    unfortunately some stuff we must do is uncomfortable...that is the nature of the job!
    You may turn out to be an excellent blood drawer and the pt's would greatly appreciate you for doing their lab work.
    Think about it before you make any decisions.
  7. by   BMS4
    I agree with everyone. Last night, I had a sweet little lady that I had to change a wet to dry dressing on her calf. She cried when I started. I felt so bad, but I was trying my best to go easy and not cause her pain, which included giving her a pain med beforehand. Anyway, tonight when I went to do the drsg change, she told me she was glad I was doing it, because I was the kindest and most gentle person and I had caused less pain than anyone else who had done it before. That made my night and I was happy that even though I had to cause her some pain, she knew that I was trying my best not to hurt her.

    It doesn't take much to make people happy and they always remember those who try to help. Good luck with your class.