I am a nurse, but I dream of....

  1. Okay, I am a nurse who is returning to nursing. Is it my dream career? Probably not, but I do miss the patients and I hate to give up on a career I worked so hard for.

    That being said, in my fantasy life, I am not Nurse, I am:

    1. A wedding planner
    2. A pastry chef/caterer
    3. A fashionista dress designer
    4. A major piddler moving from hobby to hobby each hour of the day.

    A girl can dream.
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  3. by   bubblymom373
    I am not a nurse, I am:
    1. working in a bakery making donuts and rolls
    2. working in a deli making salads
    3. stocking shelves in a retail store
    These are my fantasy jobs on the nights that staff problems and challenging residents have just made me feel absolutely crazy!!
  4. by   nurse_clown
    Quote from elisheva
    okay, i am a nurse who is returning to nursing. is it my dream career? probably not, but i do miss the patients and i hate to give up on a career i worked so hard for.

    that being said, in my fantasy life, i am not nurse, i am:

    1. a wedding planner
    2. a pastry chef/caterer
    3. a fashionista dress designer
    4. a major piddler moving from hobby to hobby each hour of the day.

    a girl can dream.
    [font="comic sans ms"][color="dimgray"]i am not nurse, i am:

    1. a dog trainer of a crew of therapy dogs....border collie therapy dogs
    2. a quiltist that raffles quilts for various charities
    3. a musician.... classical music : violin, cello or piano
    4. a cook like emeril.
    5. a student forever
    6. a professional race car driver
    7. a real genuine, self absorbed, pta mom!
  5. by   Elisheva
    nurse clown; Thanks for the reminder. I do quilt. Add that to my list. And I have labrador retrievers. Yes, therapy dogs. Of course.

    Did I mention actress and stand up comedian?
  6. by   Antikigirl
    In my fantasy life:
    Bird enthusist
    Small town vet (if I had all the money and school under my belt...LOL!)
    arts/crafts lady
    and super mom! LOL!
  7. by   llg
    In my fantasy life, I am:

    1. A music composer / singer (popular music and movie scores -- making me one of the richest and most powerful women in show business)

    2. A writer/columnist/philosopher

    3. A professional poker player (The first woman to win an open WPT event. The first woman to win the WSOP main event. etc.)

    4. Empress of the Universe (That was my fantasy as a child, more than now -- but you can see my dreams of wealth and power are long-standing. I was the 3rd child in the family.)

    5. A hermit (another holdover from childhood. I guess it developed into the writer/philosopher fantasy as an adult.)
  8. by   RN and Mommy
    If I wasn't a nurse...I dream of...

    1. landscape designer
    2. princess (a great ambition of my 4 year old and I think it's a pretty good one!)
    3. stay at home mom
  9. by   grentea
    In my fantasy life I dream of being:
    1. A video editor. It was my job in college and was so much fun.
    2. A college campus minister
    3. An airline stewardess
    4. A musician
    And when my standards are a little low, I day dream about when I used to work in a deli. Although lately, I've been having such a rough time at work that I've been thinking of my fantasy jobs more as viable options to me loosing my mind at work. I've just been having a bad week and I'm hoping it'll get better.
  10. by   sjt9721
    In my fantasy life I am...

    1) An FBI or Secret Service agent
    2) A season-ticket holder for OU Sooner football (every game, every year!)
    3) Stay-at-home Mom
  11. by   blingbling
    Dreams don't ever stop..............that's what makes life fun..........
  12. by   twinmommy+2
    In my fantacy life, I would be...

    Definatly super mom,
    But I always did want to be a nurse
  13. by   luvkitties
    **being a cosmetologist/makeup artist

    **working with animals, whether it be a veterinarian or a zookeeper

    **finding cures for diseases, especially AIDS

    **opening my own bakery (or barkery--making treats for dogs)

    **performing on Broadway or acting in a soap opera

  14. by   knockandhello
    Being a nun ,an archeologist,an astronomer,a paleontologist ,even just being selfsufficient on a small holding.