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Well, we're battin' down the hatches in South Louisiana, waiting to see what happens with TS/Hurricane Isadore (sp?). I have to work the next two nights and I'm really hoping I don't get stuck there... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    Haven't been thru a hurricaine, Have worked several tornadoes, been called in for a plane crash. (while working in ER.) Was iced in and snowed in several times ugh! The hospital expected us to stay, but wouldn't guanantee us a place to sleep. They gave out meal tickets to the night shift, when they got off at 7:00 am they were told they had expired. Several of those nurses hadn't left the hospital in 3 days.typical.
  2. by   nurs4kids
    Worked a few snows and one tornado. We're usually put up in hotels and only paid for hours worked. Family is not welcome. For the tornado, very poorly organized. Ended up with tons of staff during activation and none for relief. However, as rusty's pretty fun...for a while anyway.
  3. by   FTell001
    winds are at that makes it a tropical Hopefully it will stay that way. I'm in southwestern Louisiana..and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the waters don't get really high. I think flooding here is now our major concern.
    Good luck to all you "coasters"...
  4. by   sjoe
    Most towns and cities and healthcare facilities have emergency plans, and reading the one for your area and facility will help answer your questions.

    One would think, when there is an impending emergency like a hurricane, the facility would make sure and remind everyone involved just what that plan is--maybe hand out pamphlets? Guess that's too simple, but you might bring this up to your manager.
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  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    I am officially at work. (can you hear me crying from where you are?) I'm kidding, I was already scheduled to work tonight and tomorrow night, so I'm just getting extra pay for tomorrow during the day- 12 extra hours on the paycheck won't be too bad!! We had lots of people show up, I only have two babies right now and everyone's assignments are very fair and manageable. The downside: I will be sleeping on the floor in Labor and Delivery come 7am!!! The entire area around my hospital is flooded, so I can look out the window and cannot see pavement, which is pretty neat. We all brought lots of food, bbq, snacks, radio, etc., and even here on the unit we're very lighthearted and it's rather fun, so I don't feel bad in the least. Okay, I miss my hubby, but otherwise, I'm super! lol ;>)