How to say Thank You?

  1. I was just wandering what I could do for the nurses I work with to show how much I appreciate them...let me explain-

    I started the nursing program in November 05, this first ever november full-time day program at our community college, through out the last year and a half, the nurses on my unit-acute physical rehab, have been so great to me, listening to me vent over various issues from problems within the how I was sure I had failed every test I have ever crying over missing my 3yr old son and how he has learned so much in this time and with no thanks to me because I never have a free moment to spend with him...They have stood by me, encouraged me that I can do it, never to give up, and how smart they think I am. When the time came and I passed my LPN boards and was unsure if they would over me a position because they technically didn't have an LPN opening, they all talked about how excited they were to be able to work beside me as a nurse, and I was offered an RN position that they worked out with HR to allow me to have the position knowing it would be a year before I would take my RN boards. Without them supporting me and pushing me that I can do it, I know I would not have made it to where I am only 24wks from finishing.

    I want to do something, granted I am still a College Student, so money is still somewhat tight. One of the nurses that has given me so much encouragement is leaving in june to pursue her dream of travel nursing and seemed so sad when she realized that she would probably not be able to go to my pinning ceremony in November. So I would like to do something before she leaves. if you have any ideas, please let me know, and thanks for reading my very long thread!!:spin:
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Wow....I wish I had some ideas for you, but your coworkers sound like a dream!!!!!
  4. by   cdchick
    What about a basket goodies? Muffins, cookies, candies, chocolate, even fruit. Throw in somes pens, dollar store calculators.
    One time I made a bunch of stuff dipped in chocolate- plain potatoe chips, marshallows, strawberries, pretzels, gramham crackers, bananas, rice krispy treats. It was a huge hit. People always love getting food for some reason.
  5. by   Lylesmom
    thanks for the idea!
  6. by   Roy Fokker

    I would also like to suggest a personal note.

    The "why" is just as important as the "what". Let them know why you appreciate them ...

  7. by   santhony44
    I think the basket of goodies and the personal note are both great ideas.

    If you are at all handy in the kitchen, you could make some sort of homemade goodies. If you know what people particularly like, be sure to include those. Then if you have access to one of those stores where everything is $1, an assortment of things as CDchick suggested, and maybe some hand lotion, bath fizzies, that sort of thing.

    Then the personal note or notes. You could write one to each, or one to everyone. Take some time to think about it and include particular things that meant a lot to you at the time: when this person said this encouraging word, when that person let you cry on her shoulder, etc.

    They will enjoy the goodies but the personal note will mean even more.
  8. by   babydoll99_99
    The basket sounds like a great idea for the nurses that are staying. Maybe for the nurse that is leaving you can do a small basket just for her with stuff like stationary and pens and envelopes, maybe a book of stamps and a cheep calling card. All the stuff she will need to keep in touch with the unit. Sounds like she is a very valued member to you and to the team. The fact that it is obvious that you want her to keep in touch will touch her more than the money you spent. You can get all the stuff above at a dollar store. Just an idea.

    Good luck!
  9. by   barbaratruth
    I made it a practice about 10 years ago to always thank everyone that helps with me anything in a personal handwritten note. I do it for anyone that helps me and when my kids were youngers I wrote thank you letters to their teachers. You will also enjoy doing it. It is important to let people know their value.

    In addition, I oftentimes put individuals in for masses, which lets them know someone is praying for them (nominal cost).
  10. by   shellsincanada
    i think this reflects on you as much as them ( imo) I think the notes telling them what a supportive unit they are, how welcome and appecriated you felt. How they really meant a lot to you( sometimes you have NO idea what you meant to someone until after they are gone- then it is too late) Exactly why you love em. It will mean more then any "thing" you do. Plus a nice letter to management in terms of how supportive this unit was/is and how you feel will help too.