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I was wondering how much states charge for renewal of licenses. I am an RN and Indiana charges $50 during the year in which you renew. We renew every other year in Indiana. LPN's in the even... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    Yes, you can deduct license, insurance, CEU costs as professional expenses in US.
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    NJ Professional and Practical Nurses:

    1. Application fee $75.00
    2. Renewal of license (biennial)
    i. active fee $65.00
    ii. inactive fee $30.00
    3. Initial license fee $65.00
    4. Application for licensure by endorsement fee $75.00 (plus $65.00 initial license)
    5. Verification for licensure by endorsement $30.00
    6. Late license renewal (one to 30 days) $50.00 (plus the applicable biennial license renewal fee)
    7. Lapse license fee (after 30 days) $100.00 (plus the applicable biennial license renewal fee)
    8. Duplicate license $35.00
    9. Written verification of license $25.00
    10. Copy of L.P.N. standards of practice $3.00


    All applicants must meet the practice requirement of 1,000 hours in the past five years or 400 hours in the past two years, or have completed a refresher course in the past two years.
    Cost was $68.00---went up 7/2/02 but unable find new fee.
  3. by   showmegirl
    As a LPN in Missouri its $91 to renew and we have to have 24 ceu's I am hoping we go to the Compact agreement soon so we can all work in other states
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  5. by   pama
    In West Virginia the renewal fee is $25.00 every year with 30 CEU requirement every two years. 2 CEU's must be in end of life care with pain management.

    Initial licensure fee is $51.50. Licensure by endorsement is $30.00, a $5.00 fee to replace certificate of registration, $15.00 fee for presentation of non-negotiable check, and change of name and/or address is $5.00.

    If an individual lets their license lapse there is a $50.00 reinstatment fee plus the $25.00 renewal fee.
  6. by   rncopper
    True about Alaska! $265 for license; an extra $50 for a temporary license if you need it when you first apply. And if you get you 1st license over 90 days before the renewal date (like I did!!!) (I got it in Jan and paid $265) you pay the entire renewal fee!! No pro-rating!!! (So I need to fork out another $250+) OH, WELL!!!
  7. by   EFMBholder
    It is $65.00 for NJ evry two years, and they finally started giving out wallet sized liscence cards.
  8. by   Michelle_nurse
    OMG! I have two provincial licences: Quebec and Ontario.

    Quebec is about $270 per year (Canadian $) (my work pays for this one)

    and Ontario is about $ 115 per year. (Canadian)

    I live in Quebec, but my licence is only good for Quebec. The Ontario licence can have reciprocity to the other Canadian provinces. This is why I keep both. Luckily I don't have to pay them at the same time.
  9. by   klosses
    The SRNA in Saskatchewan charged us $260.00 for registration last year and rumors are that it is going up this year!! Highway robery!!
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    I have two RN licenses both of which are renewed every other year. My original license is from PA and last year they raised the fees from $21 to $45!!!!!!!! When I renewed my OH license last year, it cost me 35 bucks cause I sent it in as soon as I got it in the mail. In Ohio, the longer you wait to send your renewal in, the more it costs you.
  11. by   WeSignificants
    California LVN license is $75 every two years with 30 CEUs.
  12. by   pacunurse
    In West Virginia, $25/year and 30 CEU's every 2 years.
  13. by   schrandt
    ]Originally posted by willie2001 [/i]
    [B]In Iowa we renew every 3 years. The renewal fee is $81.00 for RN. For renewal, we have to had 36 hours of continuing education. The continuing ed requirements were recently reduced from 45 hours.
    Willie, will check to see if my information is correct, but I think they just changed it to q 2 years.

    If you happen to let your liscence lapse, it'll cost you another
    100 $ to reinstate, plus you have to show CEU's less than 1 year old. Last year I had back surgery, and while I was off work, I had a birthday, neglected to renew(see egg on face). Then I had to scramble to do new CEU's--they did not recognize 2 college classes I had. Total cost including CEU's--250 $.