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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    LVN (California)
    18 yrs
    Salaried-works out to 21.00 hr.
    Unionized- due for a col raise in 1/03
    Just got a step raise last mo-5%
    I never complain about pay. I see how outrageous bad this is for others, however.
  2. by   inSANE
    Originally posted by Dplear
    nope 92K is NOT a mistake. I work at Texas Childrens Hospital. I average 45 an hour with shift diff and charge nurtse pay. They are about to give us a 6 percent raise this may. we should getanother 6-10 percent again in oct-nov. They are so desperate for nurses that they are willing to pay us for our services.

    OMG, I am packing my bags and headed your way. Do you think my children will understand???? I am taking my husband with me.
    :roll Do you have room at your house????

    13 yrs.
    ER sometimes charge, SANE
    25.90/hr straight, 2% on second shift diff and 3% on third.
  3. by   yana94
    hi! got a job offer in st. pete florida. just wondering if a rate of $16.50/hr is fair enough for an RN.

  4. by   Vsummer1


    $24,000 per year

    want to be a nurse, money isn't the object. Isn't that the point?
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  5. by   MishlB
    I think the navy nurse is exaggerating a little bit...$6,800 a month???? I spent many years in the military and NEVER heard of such a thing!
  6. by   Robin61970
    I think it would depend on where stationed( for COLA and such) also the rank of the person......may also work part time at another job.....It comes out to a little over 81,000 a year and others here have said they made that much....who knows for sure. I was a lowly E-3 in 1988 and brought home 1700 a month or so....who knows what the military has done......
  7. by   texoradon
    L.P.N. 27 years...A State Job in Alaska 19/hr 24 vacation days a year .Part Time Job in Home Health 21.00 a hour
  8. by   happthearts
    1. CNA homehealth
    2.28 years
    3. Homeheath hospice / mental health
    4.$840 for 84 hrs a week with over time I made about 48.000 Last year working 3 and 1/2 days aweek
  9. by   MoghraRN
    RN, 5years, Telemetry unit, $26.00/hr.
    My move from down south to Minneapolis and from no union to union made a big difference in pay!
  10. by   andrewsgranny
    LPN 11 years
    DR's office (internal medicine)
    no weekends/no holidays
    Thats way low. Good thing we dont have a state tax here as well.
    gallon of milk 2.29. Gas 1.48/gal
    No lottery so I cant even dream of making 92k.
  11. by   RN IN ALABAMA
    1. RN, 2. 8 yrs, 3. orho & tele, 4. 21.37/hr with shift diff
  12. by   candystripe
    Clinical teacher in mental health at a University
    $43,000 Canadian

    As a staff nurse
    $26.00/hr Canadian
  13. by   pc1004rn
    2.5 months of experience
    Med/Surg (was an inpatient diabetic floor, but now they're changing to oncology........ )
    New Jersey
    $29.90/hr night shift

    When going on the interview, I specifically told them I didn't want oncology or cardiac. Now look what I'm stuck with. I can't even transfer out until 6 months.