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  1. by   ANnot4me
    4 years
    San Francisco

    I think we are among the highest paid in the country.
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  2. by   Uptoherern
    11 years (almost 3 in er)
    $36.50/hr = "premium pool" have to agree to work 62 hrs/2 weeks no benefits. Our hospital all summer has been paying staff rn's $70/hr for any hours worked over 36/week. In all departments. our "regular pool" is $24.50/hr.
  3. by   anitame
    8 yrs experience
    Southern Oregon Coast
    $23.26 plus $1.50 for evenings plus $.88 for weekends. Certification pay is $.70/hr. Charge pay is $1.50/hr
    $3.50/hr while on call with time and a half for callback.
  4. by   Michelle_nurse
    1.Position held: RN (Assistant head nurse)
    2.Years as a nurse: just over 1 year
    3.Area of work.(M/S,ER,LTC,etc.) : Psych/Geriatrics
    4.Current hourly wage:
    $28.06/hr (Canadian $$) as of Oct. 1 and $2.00 extra per hour for evenings, nights and weekends, I am in the first echelon and will be working on my bachelor's starting next week. When I am done my bachelor's I will get $1000 extra a year.

    I work in a federal institution, so my wages are higher then if I worked in the provincial system.
  5. by   neuroRN
    1. RN
    2. 4 months
    3. Neuro/Trauma
    4. $19.20/hr
  6. by   NurseCris
    In response to your message. Why should LPN's or LVN's become RN's? In some areas they make the same as RN's?? Why bother?

    I have a goal to complete a 4 yr degree and become an educated person for the sake of knowlegde as well. It only takes 1 full semester and 1 summer session to become an RN w/a BSN. To progress into mgmt faster, to have the option work in jobs that require a BSN degree only, have the option to further myself w/a masters, to obtain a postition w/a refinery as an "exaggerated school nurse" and make over $70,000 per year w/excellent benefits and a 9-5 job when I want to spend more time w/my family, etc. If I haven't listed enough reasons why it would be worthwhile to some of us, let me know or anyone else who has done it.

    I don't bust my butt more--I just added more education to myself to open my options. IF you look for it.... school loans are pd for by many agencies and permanent jobs. There are $25,000 sign on bonuses and loan repayment programs as well. Also everyone should investigate into the new "program" that Bush is instituting for anyone wanting to go into Nursing. I don't call it busting my butt and incurring unwanted loans. I call it expanding my options for the long haul in Nursing.
  7. by   Goofball
    We just got a 15.8% raise, biggest ever for our hospital. Now I make $36.54 per hour. It doesn't matter where you work in our hospital, whether ICU
    or E.R. or the med-surg floors or surgery - no
    differentiation regarding pay.
  8. by   Kayzee
    6 yrs.
    $26.66hr. +15% diff. on nocs, .50 week ends.
  9. by   Kad42
    Emergency room staff nurse
  10. by   HARPUA
    i haven't graduated yet but when I do im heading to Texas!!!!!!!!
  11. by   Helori
    1. RN
    2. 2 yrs
    3. Med/surg - staff nurse
    4. $23.80 (But Canadian)
  12. by   Beach_RN
    A relative of mine works in Northern New Jersey, she said she will make $90K this year with all the overtime.

    A student who just graduated from my school was hired at a local hospital by me earing $32.00!
  13. by   LadyDi
    Northern Maine
    Emerg Charge RN
    9 years experience
    17.15/hr plus 2.00 night shift diff