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  1. by   toronto rn
    14 years
    Toronto Ontario
    31.45/hr Canadian Dollars plus 1.25 shift premium and 1.35 weekend premium
    3% increase coming in april this year and next
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  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Ask not what you are paid to treat people who need your care.
    Ask what people need your care and treat them!

    Mario, the future bionic nurse

    Who just applied for an entry level position at a local major hospital's recovery room which advertised the starting pay at $10.15 - $13.00 per hour (+ shift diff) :chuckle
  3. by   Dplear

    Nothing against you man at all but you NEED to ask what you are paid to treat them. Nursing is a business, (whether right or wrong is not to be gotten into here) and we as nurses need to approach it like a business. We should be paid what we are worth and even demand more. It is a HARD job we do and we deserve compensation that reflects that.

  4. by   charlee55
    2+ yrs
    Home Health
    No. Calif.
    $28.56/hr casual (no benefits)
    & $18.00/hr part time Shift work (24/7 pt, no benefits)
    It's important to post where you live. Around here the "average home costs $150,000.
  5. by   RN-PA
    1. RNC (Certified, Med-Surg. No extra pay for cert.)
    2. Eight years as an RN.
    3. Med-Surg staff nurse, part-time.
    4. $24.55 with $2.40 evening shift differential ($26.95/hr). We don't get any extra pay for working every other weekend, and I receive no benefits. We get time and 1/2 for working every other holiday.
    5. Suburb of Philadelphia, PA.
    6. ADN
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  6. by   calililly
    I will also post a reply although I am not yet an RN (still a student...2nd semester):

    1. Pharmacy Technician
    2. 4 years
    3. Retail Pharmacy in a large chain
    4. $14.67/hr (but I'm part time while I'm in school-I have benefits
    under my husband's plan and he works at thesame place I do!)
    5. Suburb of Los Angeles, California

  7. by   mario_ragucci
    Dave/dplear - I know what you mean - and I know this thread has a purpose, and I am with it.
    Sometimes when money gets thrown into an equasion, it breeds jealousy, resentment, greed, all that kinda stuff. Again I say money is important, and I am a student, who ain't trying to buy a home (yet).
    I am glad to see folks are disclosing what they make. In previous jobs it was always a secret, and you had to have a special "political talent" in order to negotiate more money with a boss. You know what I mean.
    Mario is also coming to the realization that many health care corporations are "for profit" corporations. I can't touch that one with a 10 foot pole yet, but a core understanding I have now is that caring for someone is not in the same boat as $profit$, or money. Just my additional comments, and I hope no one will get mad at me for talking about it, or think I am too long winded.
  8. by   Teshiee
    I work in NICU 2 YEARS 29.00 hr

    Registry 38.00 Level II/III NICU

    Inland Empire California

    I agree nursing is a business. We all have choices in this profession I work with staff nurses that player hate registry nurses because they make more. I turn around and simply say "Don't hate the player, hate the game!" They can go to an agency or quit and find a better paying job. I am proud of Dplear make that paper why struggle for pennies when you can make dollars.

    California's cost of living is high too and I know a good friend of mine made 120k in working registry! It is all up to you. So many nurses settle for raggedy wages. When I came out of nursing school I took a low paying new grad position to learn my specialty then I resigned and started working registry. I made 61K last year and I didn't have to work that hard so you see either you be a HAVE or HAVE NOT! Don't hate the ones that have!
  9. by   sgavette
    1. RN
    2. 1 year LPN; 3 years RN
    3. Charge ER
    4. $14.90 plus shift differential
  10. by   mario_ragucci
    Hey Teshiee, don't get all fixated on money, now. Money is just part of this game. There probably are not many nurses at poverty level :-) And if you want to make and save money like a squirrel, that's cool. Much of the reason Mario is going into nursing is for the non-tangable aspects. Don't get me wrong; The money IS important, and i would not want/allow nurses to be treated unfair/taken advantage of.
    Nursing is a business - okay. Nursing is an industry - okay. Helping other people is like working on an assembly line - now its getting out of whack, see?
    I'm not trying to be Mr. Crusader who works for free, just talking. :-)
    I wonder how much the nurses who take care of Ronald Reagan make? What are their bennies like? :-)
  11. by   Peppurr101
    1. BSN
    2. 19 years
    3. ICU/CCU
    4. Base rate $28.17 per hour plus night and weekend diff and $8.00 per hour extra shift bonus. Total last year with a LOT of overtime=$80,000
  12. by   km rn
    17 years
    24.00 per hour
    benefits - health insurance, poor dental insurance, $15,000 life insurance.
  13. by   live4today
    1) RN
    2) Since March 1987
    3) Nurse of many trades, last one being pediatrics
    4) $42,000/year made when last worked in year 1997

    P.S. I must say that I am sooooooo SHOCKED to see such low wages from when I last worked in nursing until today. Seems like salaries are standing still in nursing, eh?