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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   lynnern
    West Coast, Florida
    $22.80hr with more for differentials
    ER - Fast Track
    Same hospital 12 years with 6 in ED
    Most other ED RNs make $18.00 hr
    I was fortunate that I took time off to upgrade to Case Manager then returned to ED with only a 3% loss in wage!
  2. by   PammieRN
    Just got a job as Clinical Nurse Manager....starting out at 20.70hr, will get a raise after 3 mo probationary period is over...
  3. by   janeb
    At a glance, it's tougher to compare annual wages with hourly wages. How much is allowed for shift differentials, weekends, etc?
    As a staff nurse in a clinic setting (no weekends,holidays or shifts), I make 32.33/hr after 22 yrs of experience for annual wages of 67k; if I worked on the floor, I could report annual wages of about 75k allowing for differentials (which may lead people to believe my hourly wages were about 36./hr--a little difference!!
  4. by   TLSpectra

    1. RN/BSN
    2. 3 yrs
    3. Home Health/ per visit
    4. Fort Worth, TX
    5. $75,000.00 easy. Could be much more if I chose to do more than 40 visits/week.

    I get medical insurance and a week's vacation as long as I average 32 visits/week. I get to make my own hours, and best of all, get to spend quality time with my patients! I don't miss the hospital one bit.

    I put in about 38 hours/week, and can choose to work as little or as much as I prefer! I can't imagine doing anything else!
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  5. by   HeartNurse
    1. RN
    2. 7 years
    3. CV - stepdown
    4. 21$
  6. by   rosy
    position: RN, night supervisor (okay i am the only person in the office at night)
    Years 20+ (paid my dues, done my time...)
    area : Telephone triage/telehealth
    hourly wage: 19/hr + 2 something/hr shift dif
    I have worked in a bunch of areas, I don't want to go back to any of them, and frankly your wouldn't want me back in most of them. I was not very good at bedside nursing. Although I was a great hospice nurse, and good at triage.
    You were right this is an interesting thread.
  7. by   princess_64
    Originally posted by JMP
    Your ignorance is truly astounding.
    Your grammer horiffic.
    I for one am glad that I do not have your 'type" around me anymore. It is one reason I left the LPN-RPN "role" behind and became a RN. The hopsital I work in only employs RN's. It is one of the reasons I am there.
    True ignorance is scarey. Your type - which sounds like a mixture of ignorance and a inferiority complex is really scarey.
    I am also leaving the LPN role behind, but not for the same reasons that you stated here. I am a very competent nurse and want to further my career. I believe that I can serve my community better as an RN. You were right when you say true ignorance is scary, but there are as many RN's who fit that description as LPN's. You proved it when you made the statement that you changed positions to keep from working with them. Every member of the health care team is important... from CNA's on up. Get a grip! In this business everyone is expendable, and being that you claim to be more educated as an RN....well, act like it!
  8. by   BeBeSweet
    lpn for 10 years.last job 1825 as adon of large ltc.
    now at metro hosp on med surg floor while I finish my rn.
    14.99 base plus 2.25 after 7pm plus 2.25 for weekends.
    If i dont call in for 3 months, i get 24 extra hours of pto as an attendance bonus.If i cover an extra shift that would have otherwise been covered by agency, i get premium ot.also have full benefits and educational reimbursement.
  9. by   Peds_LPN
    1 month (have been a CNA for over 5 years)
    Pediatric Home Health
    Between $16 (during the week) and $19(on weekends)
    Raleigh North Carolina
  10. by   NephRN
    Dialysis (In patient/acute)
  11. by   CarolynRN
    1. RN
    2. 2 years experience
    3. Telemetry/step down
    4. Unit based $17.12/hour with full-time benefits--recently left unit to join hosp resource pool @ $28.00 without benefits
    5. Virginia Beach, VA

    Prn with external agency @ $32.00/hour
  12. by   tangobango
    Originally posted by plumrn
    Calling all nurses! Just a quick poll.Please tell us your:
    1.Position held.(RN,LVN/LPN)
    2.Years as a nurse.
    3.Area of work.(M/S,ER,LTC,etc.)
    4.Current hourly wage.
    This should be interesting. Thanks.
    I was a staff RN in MICU/SICU with 4 years experience making 17.00 an hour. I became a travel nurse and I now make 31.00 an hour and do it right by home. My old Mgr. stated that they could not compete with these wages but I explained to her that she was competing with these wages because I was working right along side travel nurses making those wages and receiving benefits. If they would pay staff more we would not flee.
  13. by   CharlieKay
    I have been an RN for 8 years and work as a circulating nurse in the operating room of an ambulatory surgery center in middle Tennessee for $19.30/hr. I have a verbal contract to work 4 eight-hour days a week with benefits, but the actual time worked varies from 4 to 12 hrs/day. depending on the surgical schedule and whether we have adequate staffing on a given day. For the sake of efficiency (translation--money), we are minimally staffed, and we all know that if anyone calls in sick, the rest of us are going to have a long, stressful, peanut-butter & cracker day (no breaks or lunch). Yes, we have "PRN" people, but the majority of them can only work on certain days. That means we usually have to make do with who we have. I love my job, but would prefer to work regular hours! I don't have the answers as to how, but it seems it could be managed better.