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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   Rustyhammer
    18.59/ HOUR

    I've been working LTC in an Alzheimers unit for 8 years. I do 6 hours on Tue, and 12's on Wed, Thurs and Friday. I like Santa Fe, NM and although Houston sounds like a good deal I think I'll stay here.
  2. by   Carly
    28.50/HR WKDAYS
    30/HR WKENDS
  3. by   hannabear1
    I think that's pretty bizarre also to be making 92k/yr. I'll be down..

    I am an LPN-1.5y (was a CNA for 7y)
    new grad. RN (may, 2000) 3-11 $21/h wkdy, $24/h wknd. agency nursing in NH

    we also get paid "double-time" for major holidays like 4th of July, New Year's and Christmas day.......
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  4. by   hannabear1
    Originally posted by littlepotato
    I have been an LPN in LTC for 6 years in MN. I started at $9.98/hr as a new grad. I work ON-CALL @ 32 hours a week and currently make $16.44/hr. Because I work ON-CALL I do not get the state approved wage increases, and I am at the top of the pay scale in my facility set for LPN's. I do get a "longegevity bonus" because I have been with the company for over 5 years. That is 3% of your last years wages. I consider myself lucky. My sister and brother have had various jobs, never paying much, and they hate their jobs. I love my job and consider that before I became a nurse I only made $7.25/hr in a factory, which back then I thought was OK. I have taken assessment tests to start the RN program, but i have only done LTC and am fearful of any other area of nursing. I have thought of the military nursing options but am yet undecided. Being that I am at the top of the pay scale, I have to move on and go for my RN.

    Hi! join the military-they will pay for you to finish schooling for your RN!
  5. by   trish sadler
    1. RN
    2. 21 years
    3. ER staff nurse
    4. 20.59
    5. Ohio

    When I graduate next fall with my BSN I will go up a dollar, I think it is pretty sweet. This is my base pay dose not include shidt diff or week -end bonus. I work in a very employee orietned hospital and they pay us good, I think!!!!!!!
  6. by   rdhdnrs
    RN for 4 years
    High risk OB
    17.94/hr fulltime days

    21.69/hr days
  7. by   poopsiebear
    RN (FT NIghts)
    3 years
    Heme/Onc/BMT (Philadelphia)
    $26.68/hour with full benefits + 15% shift differential on nights
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  8. by   mbarrow
    3 years
    16.85/hr + 2.50/hr shift diff
  9. by   rn500
    -13 years
    -Staff nurse, L&D/Mother-Baby/Newborn Nursery
    -West-central Florida area
    -About 46K or so a year with night shift diff, scanty weekend and holiday diff, and call in's

    I work 36 hrs a week (12's) and am required to take 24 hours of call a month. Yes, I said TWENTY FOUR!! And THAT is a vast improvement. I came when ours was a brand new unit and we WERE taking 12 hrs a week! I get a paid a hefty 1.50/hr for being on call, time and a half for call back. My base pay is nearly $19/hr, which is about as much as I was making an hour when I left Michigan 7 yrs ago! I do get bene's, but the way the insurance co-pays are constantly going up I honestly think I have less spendable income than I did several years ago.

    I know - call the WAAAAHHmbulance!

    And Suzy Q- in answer to your question about why don't we all go work for agencies, I am beginning to wonder the same thing. Frankly, the reason I have not done so in the past was my own lack of self confidence. I wasn't sure that I could handle being constantly thrown into different environments. But after 13 yrs in L&D I think I am finally starting to get it!
  10. by   nursedarlene
    Just graduated in May
  11. by   2LTCnurses
    LPN - Charge Nurse
    5 1/2 years
    $15.75 (day shift, full time, full benefits)
    (It's $2.00/hr. more for 3-11 but not feasible for me!)
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  12. by   hrtnrs96
    Staff RN, cardiac care unit
    4 years experience
    Base: $21.50/hr (shift diff for nights: $4/hr; weekend diff $4/hr; charge pay diff $1/hr)
    Fort Worth, TX
  13. by   WayneRN
    Hi All,
    6 Yrs
    On-Site Occupational Health Nurse
    Farmington, NM, USA
    $21.34/hr, 0630-1500 M-F