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  1. by   willie2001
    I'm an RN with 13 years of experience. I work both med/surg and ICU at a rural hospital. I currently Make $17.50 per hour. I work 7A-7P. I'm due for a raise next month.
  2. by   jwelhwel
    Worked in hospice 15 years.
    $ but I haven't had a raise in almost 4 years! Go figure.
  3. by   ComicRN
    1. RN
    2. Rehab/LTC
    3. 6 years
    4. $22.29/hr
    5. Rochester,NY
  4. by   NurseLinda
    1.Position held: RN Entrepreneur

    2.Years as a nurse since 1979 but no longer doing "nursing"

    3.Area of work.(Internet Technology

    4.Current hourly wage. Up to $1700 weekly..

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
  5. by   janine3&5
    Nurse Intern (graduate in May with ADN)
    Year and a half
    $8.99 ($14.70 as starting RN)
  6. by   bobbiesal
    I've been a nurse for 15 years, started out as a ADN grad. Worked in NICU, PICU, & Trauma. Now I'm a Peds Nurse Practitioner and Supervisor of an Ambulatory Neurology Clinic in Northern Minnesota, where I make about 56K. Generally, I put in 45-55 hours per week. I see patients and do management stuff (kinda schizophrenic, really..LOL). After reading the postings here, I'm definitely thinking my ideas about accepting a traveling position after my kids have finished HS are right on, and the south is where to go! Y hablo espanol, tambien!
  7. by   Jason-ACNP

    I'd thought I would respond with this. My best friend is a critical care nurse in Portland. Just yesterday, he gave me the breakdown of salaries:

    a.) Resource pool within hospital = $40/hr (with 1 year of experience)

    b.) VA pays $55.00/hr

    c.) Get this. Agencies are paying $95/hr ($1,140 per 12 hour shift). (This is not a strike). I don't understand the vast difference in pay, other than the agency nurse may not be familiar with the hospital. I'm sure that they probally get the toughest assignments as well.

    My girlfriend is at Texas Children's Hospital now on travel assignment. I'm going to have to tell her to stay put. I'm moving back home! (I'm grew up in Galveston).
  8. by   janbeveridge
    17 years experience
    22.37 /hour 1.00/hr for nights, .70cents/hr for weekends
    work partime by choice, but still eligble for benefits such as dental, long term disability.
    Wish I could move to Texas!!!
  9. by   cammykay
    Whatever you do, don't come to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are basically 2 companies to work for, OSF Inc. and Marquette General. Office LPN's average $9.00 per hour (starting wage), office RN's average around $11. OSF Inc. Hospital LPN's can make up to $13/hr. RN's around $17, and that's with mega years under your belt. I am an LPN with 5 years Otorhinolaryngology experience working in a private office and work under OSF, Inc. My wage is $9.64/hr. Benefits stink. Pay increase of 3% per year. BASED ON YOUR BEGINNING SALARY!!! The problem is that we have 2 colleges of nursing up here and we're flooded. We have 18 year olds fresh out of college living with mom and dad who will work for $8.50 an hour. That really kills an LPN with 3 kids to pay daycare for.
  10. by   DianeC
    Hi..I have been an L.P.N in Massachusetts for 17 years. I currently make $18.96/hr . Excluding differential. I am currently working in a dialysis unit.
  11. by   theduanes
    RN, Self-Contracted
    $500.00 per 12hr/shift
    18 years experiance
  12. by   BlissRN
    1. Staff RN nocs
    2. ICU/CCU
    3. 5 years experience in LTC, Telemetry, M/S and recent to ICU with 6months experience in a SCU unit
    4. Western Massachusettes
    5. $22.59 with 3.00 diff for nights and 2.50 for evenings. 12hr shifts should be about $45 a year before any overtime

    Wish I could move to Texas too!....
  13. by   Teresa S.
    20 years
    14 in home health VNA- Pediatrics
    $21.95/hr + per visit on callq 4th wkend

    That Tx money sounds pretty good!!
    Got dtr and 2 grandkids in Dallas area...hmmm
    awful hot there though!