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  1. by   MomNRN
    I would love to stay at home. BUT - the kids want to go to college and go on nice vacations. The husband likes to golf. And I like to shop!

    Add all of the above up = Mom working!

    I enjoy it as much as possible. On work days I want to be home and some home days I want to work.

    I enjoy this job more than any other I have had. I guess it is a necessary evil!

    I give it a 8.5 (most days).
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  2. by   vegnurse21
    Hmm I give it about a 6. I'm a new grad that started out on a very busy medsurg floor on day shift. Yeeeah, now I know why most new grads don't start out on days! Ha! I started working in November, and am switching to 12 hour night shifts next month. The first month, I woulda rated it at flat 0. I hated every second of the craziness, the disorganization, and hardly being able to take a short break on a 12 hour shift.

    I like my job, I just hate the chaos.
  3. by   fersant
    Hi, I'm new around here:spin:
    Im working for 5 months (graduated on July,06) and i am loving it!
    However, on a global evaluation i just can say...5
    My life as a nurse is being very good but, in Portugal, we don't have the the "environment" or the "conditions" to be happy because the government is destroying the national health-care system... so it's destroying expecially the young nurses:angryfire

    Nice to know you all!
  4. by   Jo Dirt
    -10 and zippety doo dah (1) on the good days.
  5. by   Medic/Nurse
    :uhoh21: :uhoh21: :uhoh21: :uhoh21: :uhoh21: :uhoh21:

    as a nurse in the ed, i'd give it a "6" on the best day. most days i'd give it a "3". when i would float to super i'd rate it a "3" and float to the icu (even with the best team) a "2", with the worst team (most common) a "1".

    finally, i just quit. stayed home. no kids - i could afford it, so i just decided to stop being miserable. my husband was relieved to have a wife that was "out of work".

    i am now back to work and i'd rate my satisfaction on my worst day as a "9" (heck nothing is perfect), but most days are a "10" - plus, i enjoy my "job" so much now, i am actually easier to live with (per my husband). yep, i may grouse a bit, but i am so fortunate to be in the job i have! i admit,

    [font="arial black"]i love my job!

  6. by   sandlewood_nurse
    Most days 1 or 2. I think it could go up to a 6 or even 7 if it wasn't for being terrorized by the other nurses (I have only been in my job for a year).

    I would only give it a 8 or 9 if I wasnt' feeling terroized, if my preceptors were patient, instead of ****** and backstabbing .. AND If I only had to work 3-4 days a week tops. I tried getting a part time position and was told I'd need more seniority to really be considered. So it remains at a 1 or 2.

    I would like to not have to work for a living. I would simply meditate, pray and perhaps workout more and cook food for the needy. Thats more my thing. Sometimes I wonder why I didnt' become a philosophy/religion professor, or a social worker.

    Oh well, you have to do what you have to do. I have no other choice at this point.
  7. by   hlfpnt
    On most days I'd say 4, maybe 5. I'm almost half way through my first year & I like the nursing itself, but I'm not really liking the hospital I chose...the atmosphere is awful & since it's a very small specialty hospital there's no where to transfer to. I'm doing my best to stick it out for a full year & then I think I'm going to put in at some of the other local hospitals...something on a larger scale with more variety.
  8. by   GottaGetIn
    Oh man, I'm getting scared!!! I'm just trying to get into nursing school and some of these posts are scaring me!

    What did I get myself into?:uhoh21: Is it reallly that bad? I have visions of loving my job when I finally finish school. I've always heard stories of new RN's being harrassed by more experienced ones. Should I expect this to happen? Like, does it happen more often than not?:uhoh21:
  9. by   Cattitude
    well, since i have to work until i'm about 80... i'd say a 5 right now.

    [color=#483d8b]that's because i hate the charting and tons of paperwork with homecare. i also hate the winter driving. in the summer,rating jumps to a 7.
    [color=#483d8b]other than that, i do like my pt's and the hrs,/days are really good.

    [color=#483d8b]i have future goals to increase my career satisfaction. i just wouldn't be able to live with a 5 forever!
  10. by   control
    I'd give my job a 6 on a scale of 1/10. That's better than average.

    Granted there is a lot of crap at work that I despise dealing with, but when I think about how work used to be (1), I am able to put things into perspective. :chuckle
  11. by   crb613
    I love being a nurse so 10 on that.....I hate working nights that gets a 1. If I ever get back on days it will be a 10.
  12. by   jollyjenny
    Hey GottaGetIn--I feel the exact same way you do! I'm starting nursing school in the fall and threads like these really scare me!

  13. by   Wise Woman RN
    I love being a nurse. I don't love being a unit secretary, receptionist, medical records tech, waitress, babysitter, public relations person, housekeeper, or all of the other jobs that seem to fall on nurses these days. It seems that if there is a job that no one wants to do, it goes to nurses. I went into nursing to be the best nurse and give the best patient care I am able to, but all of the other "necessary duties" really get in the way. *sigh*