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I've heard that a large % of people who start the nursing program drop out - what is your experience in this? I'm worried about going so much in debt and not being able to finish the program once I... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    WE started out with a grand total of 73. We graduated 44.
  2. by   BAndersonRN
    Quote from notamannurseanymoRCC
    ERslave, you had to wipe so much *** and replace bed pans as a nursing student, its pathetic, I know because I did clinicals in a teaching hospital too. I never meant to imply that nurses are unintelligent. I was already "treated like a dog" as a nursing student cleaning up code browns, changing soiled linens and bathing patients,etc. There are thousands of medical students who graduate every year who have never been a nurse or gone to nursing school, so the fact that I chose to leave nursing school will have nothing to do with performance in medical school; I didn't leave nursing because I couldn't handle the material, like the vast majority of ppl in nursing school I left behind one career in the pursuit of another. Just what makes you think you have any idea what my capabilities as a healthcare provider are, you are the one that needs to leave their ego @ home and you clearly do not know any more about what medical school is like since you have never been. You certainly wouldn't lash out like this to a premed who who went into nursing instead would you? I won't apologize because I don't believe in the nursing model, feel free to quote me again. And yes, I am sure I will be in for a big surprise when I encounter nurses such as you who want to be treated as the profesionals they are and do not like be stigmatized as being the handmaidens of doctors, yet perpetuate onto aspiring physicians the stereotypical motivations to study medicine. With nurses like yourself, I'll take my chances with the attendings as a medical student and resident.
    WOW! you have such a kind and caring trait about you! I can sense it in your posts.I'm sure you will make an excellent physcian someday having been through a portion of nursing school allready!!! Way to be a team player there bud!

    take care
  3. by   lisatherese89
    Speaking as someone who has been an LPN for a long time and is now three terms away from FINALLY getting my ASN (hopefully<fingers crossed>) ... I have heard the "Our pass/fail rates are in the 90something percent for the NCLEXRN and our graduation rate is very good" speech from the professors so many times it makes my head spin. My class started out with 80 or 90 students last fall and by winter we had lost half... we lost a few more by spring... I have heard that a few more have trickeled out during summer practicums. We will add to our numbers thanks to the incoming LPN-RN students but our original class is small compared to what it was. Nursing school is hard for a reason- they try to "weed out" those who might snap in the real world.... but in reality they are only ading to the stress of the nursing shortage by preventing some good people from becoming nurses... (just my opinion though)....
  4. by   Jeff82
    At our Uni I'd say we've had about 60-70% drop out since we started 3 years ago. Not necessarily because the course was too hard, but mainly because once they realise the work involved they were kinda turned off the idea. We started off with around 180 students, now we're down to something like 60.
  5. by   Ion
    I enjoyed college before nursing school.
  6. by   alisunshine9
    I have heard that about a third of the class doesn't graduate. I have also heard that a high number of new grads quit nursing within the first three years of becoming a registered nurse. The bottom line is, if you really want to be a nurse don't let anything stop you! There will be tests you don't do well on and there will be times you feel like quitting, but always keep your goals in mind.
  7. by   Celia M
    It is a shame that the nurse vs MD feud seems to be perpetuated here. Nurses and MDs have two very distinct roles in patient care and should be working as a team together with the goal of helping the patient. MDs spend very little time with their patients in comparison to nurses who perform most of the care. Hospitals and patients need both equally. I hope that when you become a med student notamannurseanymorcc that you will honor your parents profession and learn from your experience in nursing school and treat the nurses you work with as colleagues, professionals and with respect. Nursing is a tough feild and the drop out rate may seem high, it would be interesting to compare with other health careers such as PT, OT, ST, MD etc.
  8. by   PCGrad06
    you said it

    Quote from suzy253
    i won't quit. they'll have to throw me out, kicking, screaming, spitting, etc. :chuckle
  9. by   judymai
    but, i have to some of my classes already, there are people that just want to know enough to pass the test. even in cpr! they don't care if they know it or not, they just want to pass. these people scare me if they actually make it through.[/quote]

    as a nursing instructor, this is my greatest concern also. you might be amazed how many nursing strudents try to get by with as little as possible...and want their instructors to "just tell us what's on the test". personally, this is not the kind of nurse i want taking care of me or my loved ones!

    do we fail these students? no! if they are able to provide safe patient care and pass their tests with a 75% or better, they graduate. however, those who learn only what they have to to pass the test may not havwe the foundation they need to complete the whole program since it builds term-on-term. also, memorizing for a test isn't the same as applying it to caring for patients and they may not be able to function well in the clinical setting.
  10. by   septicwad
    I hope you're getting a BSN for that kind of money.
  11. by   trvlnRN
    Quote from suzy253
    I won't quit. They'll have to throw me out, kicking, screaming, spitting, etc. :chuckle
    Now that the additude!!! Never quit! Just take it one day at a'll get there if that is what you want. Keep on dancing! Whew!
  12. by   NurseBunky
    During orientation on Wed I found out that the second year class in my program have 65 out of 100 students left. That doesn't sound too bad when you consider the many different reasons people have to stop the program.
  13. by   ShortyLPN
    I just graduated from LPN school last month. I don't know how every other school is, but my main instructor seemed to "weed out the weak ones" if you will. We had 7 tests in one week. We lost 21 people that semester and 2 the second semester. We started with 48 and graduated 25, a little under 50%. If you study like you say you have, you should be fine. For A&P, lots and lots of flashcards, and (sp?) neumonics. Hope that helps, you'll be just fine!