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just curious b/c I went to school for psychology & right now I'm in graduate school for social work. I am thinking of switching to nursing before finishing up my MSW b/c I'm so anxious to earn the... Read More

  1. by   sleepless in norman
    After college the first time I coached Tennis with a bachelor's in education, those were the days
  2. by   nursecindy06
    Quote from cancergirl
    Thank You all for you reponses!! I love hearing about all your prior experiences and any advice you have to offer...
    I just joined today. I saw that you are a social worker and that you are considering getting your nursing degree.

    I have a BSW and am now in an excellerated BSN program. I am really excited about the possibility of having a BSW and a BSN. I think that the two will work together quite nicely!

    School is a big commitment. Look at your options and what you are currently doing in your private life. Decide if this is a good time or a doable option for you. Looking at the date of this posting you may have already made a choice. I hope that whatever you decide that you enjoy the work. Social workers have great skills and they can only increase the quality of care you could provide in a nursing role.

    Hope to chat with you later,
  3. by   donsterRN
    My education and background is in Business Administration; I moved into Healthcare Administration about 15 years ago and have worked steadily. I also have a degree in Interior Design that I've never used professionally. Two months ago I quit my job and moved across the country specifically to go to nursing school. Classes begin on Monday.
  4. by   NeoNurseChic
    My first degree is a bachelor of music in piano performance. I graduated with that in May of 2004. 9 days later, I started nursing school. Graduated from my BSN program this past May. Seems like a whirlwind!!

    carrie :Melody:
  5. by   Fairemaid
    Hi Everyone,

    I went to art school first, right out of high school, and never worked in the field. I had no idea what I was getting into, my parents had also gone to the same school. I worked as a librarian for many happy years, and have been an EMT-B with a private company for past 7 years. I just finished my ASN RN and I am 40 years old.(not a moment too soon :chuckle ). I just love some of the other previous careers.

  6. by   RNmomof3
    I just love reading all these posts. I am 33, married and have 3 children. I went to dental Assist school at a JC out of High School. I have my RDA Lic and worked for 3 years and then started our family. Have been home ever since. I decided to take on my pre-reqs and see where it takes me.

  7. by   DG5
    I ran a business with my husband for 18 years while popping out five kids while working at the same time. I always seemed to be pregnant when I went to see one particular client, I remember trying to suck my tummy in and hide it and the next week I was back :chuckle in his office with the baby and the carry cot. I had to carry that poor baby around to so many office buildings. :behindpc: Don't worry - he's turned into a secure well rounded human being.
  8. by   Ayvah
    Got a bachelor's in psychology before deciding to start taking the prerequisites for nursing school. Turns out, even with all my psych classes, I still needed to take one more for nursing!
  9. by   oldnewnurse
    30+ years with various generations of Ma Bell, retired to be a farmer. Loved all the tractors and the dirt and even the work, hated being with my husband 24x7. That was way too much togetherness after 30 years of traveling all over the country with my job. Went back and got my ADN and passed NCLEX in 2004. (My original BA was from 1972!) Had several months of chemo/radiation for breast ca and started working in March, 2005, full time, at the bedside at age 57.
  10. by   madcammomrn
    I got my associates in Tech-geek stuff...I have been a tech geek for 7 yrs and am now finishing my first semester of nursing school..I just love it!
    it is challenging for sure but I can't imagine anything else right now in my life.

    I too look forward to the title of RN, several in my family are LPN/LVN but none yet have made RN I hope to be the first!

    Good luck to us all! It seems a nice bunch of RN's are on the horizon!

    Quote from cancergirl
    just curious b/c I went to school for psychology & right now I'm in graduate school for social work. I am thinking of switching to nursing before finishing up my MSW b/c I'm so anxious to earn the title of RN and work in the hopsital doing clincial work!!
  11. by   sheri_u2
    Bachelor of Science in Travel Toursim/Business, 1996. Coordinated weddings, social functions and meetings at hotels. Fun working environment, no pay, work 60 hours a week and you never "make a difference" in the world.
    Realized on 30th birthday that your never too old to start over. After all, I'm gonna turn 35 either way. If all goes well, I'll be a nurse when I do!
  12. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    I spent 15 years in the advertising industry, most recently as a media buyer. I was beginning to become really burnt out and disillusioned by the business. People think I'm crazy for quitting; I got free lunches, free dinners, free trips. I just couldn't stand the phoniness and the expectations of meeting impossible deadlines, with no satisfaction. I was sure I was meant to do something more meaningful. I started thinking about nursing, until one day one of my coworkers said, "You have to do what will make you happy." Simple statemen, but it made an impression. The next day, I signed up for my first classes. I start my ADN program on 8/22, will graduate in the spring of 2007.
  13. by   leopold
    I am doing my LPN, will probably go for RN. I got my college degree in philosophy and Latin American studies, my master's in International human right's law and worked many years as a writer/researcher in policy analysis, specifically immigration/refugee law. The other day I cleaned out my briefcase from my last job -- three years ago -- it was amazing, I just thought "I was so unhappy doing this for so long!" Now I really love what I'm doing.