How many of you work PRN only?

  1. I graduate in May from my RN program and think alot about how different shifts and limited vacation time will affect my family once I start working.

    Then it occurred to me that since my husband has good benefits, maybe I should work PRN so I control my own schedule. I understand I'll need to do regular work at least a year to get my skills where they need to be. The only full-time benefit I think I would miss is tuition reimbursement.

    How many of you work PRN only and do you get enough work? I understand some places pay more for PRN or pool nurses. Thanks for any info and wisdom you can pass along as I contemplate the rest of my life.
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  3. by   AuntieRN
    That was my original plan too. Our flex nurses get all the time they want. We are always short. I worked flex while in school and loved being able to work when I wanted to or needed to and not having to request specific time off. We also got paid more. The only downfall I had was I needed insurance and at the time it was not offered to flex. It is now so perhaps after my year is up I will do it again. Congrats on your upcoming graduation and good luck.
  4. by   MarrieloRN
    I am a full time school nurse and also work PRN on a tele unit. I absolutely love being PRN. I am required to work 2 shifts/month and 1 winter holiday. I schedule the shifts that I want and very rarely get HC'd. I worked on this same unit for 1 year as a new RN and then went PRN. I highly recommend it. Good Luck!!
  5. by   rnfullofbs
    I work prn but am signed up with several different employers. I do site reviews for HMOS, Life INsurance physicals, Wellness clinics, Nurse Delegation, Proctor exams, Chart Reviews, Flu Clinics. I LOVE it. Lots of variety, low stress which makes me a very happy camper. There isnt a day when I am not LOVING what I am doing. I love the autonomy and variety and I actually look forward to working. I have been an RN for 30 years and have had my share of bad jobs-wish I figured this out years ago so you are way ahead of the game. Good luck
  6. by   fetch33
    I worked PRN for 12 years before finally taking a full-time position because I needed benefits (husband's job became unstable). I got plenty of hours in.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I do, and I love it. PRNs get 15% more than FTE where I work. There advantages and disadvantages, of course. The schedule is never promised, but I work when I can or choose to. I enjoy my work more. I would burn out if I had to do this fulltime. And my kids need me, so I have to work around dh's schedule as much as possible.
  8. by   mekrn
    I did PRN only for several years, giving it up 2 years ago when I was offered a part-time position that I really wanted for the long haul. The flexibility was great, rarely was I cancelled, but I have to say I really love that paid time off now!