How long can a recommendation letter be used?

  1. Before classes ended, one of my teachers offered to give me a recommendation letter when I need it. (I graduated recently) But at the moment I'm still in the process of getting my NCLEX. My question is, should I contact my teacher so I have the letter in hand "just in case"? Or should I wait when I start applying for jobs?

    Other question:
    I have been searching on various hospitals on job postings and I also bookmarked pages on nurse recruitment staff. I want to email them and ask questions like, if they have a current nurse residency program, or if they hire new grads, or other questions about unit preference if they do have nurse residency programs? And other general questions. My concern is would that seem very informal for me to email now, when in the future I plan to apply at that certain hospital?
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  3. by   JerseyBSN
    I don't think prospective employers ask for or care about letters of recommendation anymore. Let's face it, they could be forged. Not saying that you would but you know what I mean.

    Prospective employers will ask you for a list of references if they decide to hire you. Never give your references until they ask for them.
  4. by   CharlieTaco
    Almost every single place I have applied to has asked for letters of recommendation. You should get them in hand so that you can submit them when you apply. You don't know how long it will take for them to write you one and this could prevent you from getting a position. This has actually happen to me so get it as soon as you can just in case.
  5. by   GiantJerk
    One of the hospitals here required you to get an instructor to fill out a form/letter that asked how well they rated you on several areas and seal it in an envelope so you don't get to see it. I'd contact the nurse recruiters in your area and see what they require.
  6. by   Double-Helix
    You should definately have a letter of recommendation in hand (and an electronic copy as well) in case you are asked for it. You might not use it, but many job applications may ask you for one. You can use that letter as long as it makes sense to do so- since it's from an instructor, as long as you are a new grad. Once you have been working at a hospital for a year, you would want a letter from that facility, not your school.

    For most hospitals, you can find information about their nurse residency programs on the facility's website. I'd check there before emailing a recruiter.

    Why are you waiting to apply for jobs? You can apply now, while you are waiting to take youe NCLEX. Chances are you will have taken the test before you start getting many calls for interviews. I started applying months before graduation and I have a job waiting for me as soon as I pass my test. It's a competitive market and starting early is never a bad thing.
  7. by   Rntr
    I would get that letter and scan it into your computer and save it forever.. you never know how something like that can come in handy...please get it!
  8. by   SFTides
    Hi - I agree with most of the comments above. Especially scanning it into your computer! If you have a Mac make sure you transfer it to a pdf file as well. I had to recently upload 3 reference letters & the scanning and converting turned out to be much more than I expected. Generally the letters are good for up to one year.
  9. by   Rntr
    Keep them forever.... never know when something will come in handy!
  10. by   labelle777
    Get them whenever possible because since summer is coming, many people will be on vacation later and therefore probably unavailable later to respond to or really attend to your request for a recommendation at a later time,also you have to allow them time to complete the recommendation, at least 3-4weeks. If you want a number, I think that the recommendation is good for at LEAST one year,
  11. by   joanna73
    I have 3 letters of recommendation stored on my computer and in hard copy. Get the letters, as they can often set you apart from other applicants. I relocated and I know that having these letters helped me get an offer as quick as I did.
  12. by   new.grad
    [font="century gothic"]thanks guys!! i really appreciate your replies