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Not a patient, but a student? The other day I was getting report from the previous RN, and she had an LPN student with her that she was precepting, and the student smelled awful. It nearly knocked... Read More

  1. by   pers
    I agree with most of the suggestions here and am with the group who would want to know, no matter how difficult it would be to hear. I don't agree with the Bath & Body works gift bag though as sometimes that stuff is worse! I'd be hard pressed to say which bothered me more, BO or someone who smells like they showered in fruit juice and flowers. Mild scents are fine for me but some of the fragrances are really overpowering. It got bad enough on my unit that scented lotions and sprays are no longer allowed.

    Most likely what I would do is pull her aside and tell her it's hard to say this and I know it's going to be difficult to hear, but I'm noticing an odor. I doubt I'd pose it as a medical condition but would give her a more plausible "out" like not having time to shower, running out of deodorant or getting something on the clothes (most of us can relate to one of those situations at some point) but it should be taken care of. I might say if none of those apply she might see a dr but I'd rather let her have the option of a fib and tell me she overslept and then Mrs. Jones peed on her shoes.

    Stories are still told about a guy who was before my time at my facility who smelled. They say it was so bad he had his own chair so others didn't have to sit in his odor! People tried to "hint" about it and gave him a bunch of bath stuff (towels, washcloths, soaps, deodorants, etc) for his birthday one year and he still didn't get it. A few weeks later someone asked him how he liked the products and the guy said he never used them. When asked why he explained that he didn't need to use soap or deodorant because he naturally didn't have BO but had given the stuff to his brother because he always smelled and refused to use anything! They had to get blunt at that point and one of the guys just flat out told him they went with those gifts because he did need them. The guy was mortified but took care of the problem.
  2. by   BabyLady
    I would tell the instructor....and let her handle it.
  3. by   cursedandblessed
    i tend to go for the vanilla at b&b, in the summer i do switch to something citrussy (mango mandarin maybe). while i know it might be easier to just let the instructor know, and let her deal with it, i also know it might be easier coming from someone who basically is a stranger.

    don't be surprised if she cries or can't look at you again during her rotation, but i think i'd rather have someone despise me for the truth, and my truly trying to help them, than letting it go, and having it turn into some "real" health issue in the future.