How Do You Cope?

  1. Hello All Im Starting My Nursing Program In January Yeaaaa! Thats What This Post Is About But Im Proud So I Figured Id Throw That In There. My Question Is To My Fellow Nurses Is How Do You Cope With All The Bad Things That You See. I Probly Should Put It In Better Terms. I Work At My Local Hospital In The Er. Nothing Clinical But None The Less Im In The Mix And I See Everything, All The Drama, Codes Things Like That. When Someone Dies Especially If Its Child Related I Just Get Terribly Sad. I Mean Teary Eyed. I Know You May Think So What Thats Ok But, After A While Does It Take Its Toll? Do You Eventually Become Numb To The Tragady That You See? I Am So Passionate About Becoming A Nurse. But I Am Guilty Of Having A Big Emotional Heart. I Tend To Get Emotional Way To Often. I Have Kids So If I See Something Related To That I Just Get Caught Up. So How Do You Do It? Lately Even The News Has Been Breaking My Heart. Believe Me Im Not A Big Wose But Sometimes Its Just Alot To Bear. Would You Say In A Sad Situation Is It Ok To Cry With A Family? Or Is That Overstepping Things. Alot Of You Have Been Through This And I Know There Will Come A Day As A Nurse Where There Will Be A Difficult And Emotional Situation That I Will Have To Deal With And I Am Just Asking How You Deal With Your Sadness. Any Answers Will Help. Thank You
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  3. by   Tweety
    (Please don't capitalize the first letter of each word. Makes for a difficult read. Just a friendly suggestion. )

    I think with time it doesn't take a toll but makes me stronger and more compassionate, and causes me to look deep within myself, hopefully growing into a better person every day, one that isn't jaded by my experience.

    Lately I've been carrying for a fresh quadraplegic patient. Very tragic, as he has sole custory of two children aged 2 and 3. I'm face to face with my own worst fear.

    Sometimes you do have to cry and that's o.k.

    I think though there are times when we as nurses have to hold it together, as we can't be the one's to fall apart because the patients and the familiy needs us. That's why we have each other to vent to.
  4. by   Logan

    How do I cope?
    One day at a time.

    I don't mean to be pithy - but to me there really is no other way to describe it.

  5. by   mamason
    Tragedy is always hard to deal with. Even for the most hardened person. Health worker's that don't show emotion in a particular situation, are probably focused on what they can do to help at that time. That does not mean that they are not bothered by it. They just have other ways of dealing with it. Like talking with co-workers or discussing a bad day with your spouse etc. Some people may even say they never get used to it. But, they continue to work in those environments because they want to try to make a difference. Just my two cents.
  6. by   augigi
    I cope by doing. Usually you're not thinking of the tragedy at the time, but rather what you can do to make things better. It's later that you have time to reflect. Mostly, it makes me grateful to be healthy and to have the priviledge to meet so many wonderful people.
  7. by   one2one
    In time, you come to realize that death is as natural a part of life as is birth. Sometimes it comes too soon and sometimes it's prolonged too long. You will come to find your own inner strength. Once you've realized that we are all mortal and we are all going to die, it helps some. There were always be those times when a death makes you feel just devastated. But I hope at some point in your career you'll be able to witness the death of a person who has had time to prepare for it and accepts it. And when they die with their loved ones all around and holding their hand, you can see the beauty of passing away when you're ready for it and know how much you're loved. My own grandmother passed away 32 days ago at the age of 96. I loved her more than I have ever loved anyone but I could accept her passing because it was what she wanted. Sorry this is so long but I want you to see that every death is not a tragedy.
  8. by   HARRN2b

    I am sorry for the passing of your grandma. I also know at 96, she was probably ready to leave this place. She is at peace now, and has no pain and that is the important thing. She will always be your angel!