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does anyone have any ideas or techniques to incentivize nurses to get their discharges ready and out so new patients may be admitted and diversion can be avoided? thank you in advance for your... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Just one more reason I so love Home Health Nursing !

    sorry... couldn't resist.

  2. by   Tweety
    Quote from sjt9721

    I understand your frustration. It's too bad we can't clone all the nurses like you (and me of course!) that are professional and take care of business. But I'm sure you realize that not every nurse practices that way. The challenge is how to motivate those who don't while appreciating those who do!

    Yes, it is a challenge.

    Go after the slackers for sure, but I guarantee that's not going to be good enough because most nurses aren't slackers, but the one's who are give us a bad name.

    Or maybe I have rose colored glasses on???
  3. by   cardsRN
    i have to agree with the other posters who have said ask your nurses why d/c's take so long to get out. maybe it's a systems thing. my old floor (in large harvard teaching hosp)d/c's that you knew would leave the night before often didn't leave till 3-5 pm that day. the reason being d/t a policy that the attending of record see the pt before d/c. often the attending was in cath lab, or in clinic- outside the city! or if attending had seen pt and a resident was responsible for d/c orders they have attending rounds at noon, then they round on ICU pt's again then it's 2pm before you even GET d/c orders for the pt who of course needs VNA (which it was the RN responsability to arrange) and is newly diagnosed heart failure or DM or something rediculous (and of course no teaching has been done). no super nurse can get that all done by 3. i would have rather done 6 admits than 1 d/c on that floor. sooo painful. ask your nurses and get some insight.
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    Quote from Tweety
    Or maybe I have rose colored glasses on???
    I think maybe that was the day you had yours on...but I had misplaced mine! :wink2: