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I have been an LPN for 5 yrs 2.5 of them in a LTC NH and the rest in LTC for mentally and physically handicapped. What I want to know is how doable would it be for me to cross over into hospital... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    To be honest, Angelbear, you MIGHT encounter some resentment from a few acute nurses who are worn out and overworked...IF you will need excessive help to get acclimated to acute skills again. IF you are willing to learn and a quick study, this should not be a longterm problem. The key for you will be to demand a long orientation (where you aren't counted as staff.) You must also take full advantage of this time to do as many procedures, etc as you can to become self sufficient quickly. Nurses today everywhere are expected to hit the ground running.

    I worked with a LTC RN once on an acute hospital unit. Unfortunately she and I were the only nurses on the unit, and she failed to take advantage of her orientation to redevelop her acute skills. Instead, she became a total drain on me and I had to quit because of it, as management did not care. She was simply too needy....and I had too much of my OWN work to do.

    Now this is NOT a slam on LTC nurses...but the work is often very different and this needs to be recognized. I would demand a good LTC orientation if I made a move to LTC.

    I suspect any resentments sensed by LTC nurses from acute nurses come from situations such as I describe above: the LTC nurse who is thrown into acute care and the staff are told to train them under less than optimal conditions.

    Good luck to you...I still believe most nurses are good people and will work with you within their power to do so. Resentments come about from unreasonable expectations.
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  2. by   ceecel.dee
    LTC nurses are no "better" or worse than hospital nurses.

    Hospital nurses are no "better" or worse than LTC nurses.

    They each have totally different patient care needs, so different skill bases.

    At our hospital, you would be welcomed and respected. However, you probably would not recieve year for year credit on our pay scale for your experience. You would need the orientation of a new grad...only, hopefully, shorter.