How difficult are procedures?

  1. I am wanting to become an LVN. I dont have alot of suport from my family. They keep telling me it will be too hard for me and that the procedures nurses have to do are way to difficult for me example...catheters and IV's.

    I am an intelligent person. I already have an associates degree in business. But I am getting scared off when I hear about procedures and malpractice and losing your license. I have a desire to help others. I also want to work in a field with some job security and to be able to travel.

    So...are the procedures EXTREMELY difficult? I would never be one to neglect my studies, so I would definitely put the effort to study in. Will I be able to cut it?
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  3. by   casualjim
    Were you born knowing how to drive a car, or balance a checkbook? Like anything else, you can learn whatever you desire to learn.
    good luck
  4. by   TazziRN
    Good Lord, you need a new family!!! Of course procedures can be hard but just like anything else in life, they can be learned. If you want to be an LVN, go for it and come here for your support! I'm so sorry your family can't support you in what you want to pursue, but please don't let them stop you.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm sorry your family is not supportive.

    Of course you can learn.

    One of the things you need to look at though is whether you want to be a LVN/LPN or RN.

    For the most part, LVN's are limited in their scope of practice and work long-term care. If you love the elderly, that is a great job. My grandma was in a nursing home for awhile and the care she got was awesome.

    However, starting IV's are within a RN's scope, not a LVN . .unless they go on to get IV certified. And LVN's are used as much in acute care settings, although there are always exceptions.

    We do have LVN's working med/surg but the RN is responsible for the patient assessments. Not the LVN. That would stick in my craw a bit - the LVN I work with is perfectly capable of assessing a patient - she used to work in the ER as an EMT II.

    Research further and don't let your family discourage you.