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I was reporting off this morning on a rule out chest pain pt. He was a 49 yr old guy who had an extensive family cardiac risk hx, he had had a CABG in his 30's, had been an alcoholic until 8 yrs ago,... Read More

  1. by   icyounurse
    I have been working in a recovery room as of late, and before I post this I must say a few things:
    #1. I understand that surgery can be painful and people react funny to anesthesia and I do my absolute best to give the best pain control possible
    #2. I know that families often do not understand my job and what I see and do all day long
    that being said, I absolutely cannot stand it when someone who takes lortab, oxycontin and xanax everyday has surgery and wakes up so surprised that they are hurting, ("no one told me it would hurt this bad!!!") and the massive doses of morphine, demerol and vitamin P (phenergan) are not adequate and you have to call anesthesia for more morphine and maybe some dilaudid and you FINALLY get the patient half way comfortable and sleeping (you are nervously watching them breathe with the narcan in your hand) when in comes the family and they shake the patient violently to wake them up and its "Mamma are ya hurtin'?" and the pt's like "Oh baby I hurt SO BAD" and they look at me like I am satan and say "did you know my mamma was in pain?!! You need ta get her somethin right now!!!":angryfire


    also hate it when people become afflicted with FMPS, also known as "fluff my pillow syndrome"
    (answering a call light, pt in bed with 3 family members at bedside, pt is eating doritos, painting her nalis and talking into her cell phone "hold on baby the nurse is here"turns to me "darlin could you hand me that glass of water right there? thanks")